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Saturday, October 25, 2008

With my apologise =(

Continue with the recent post.I am here,with my hati yang ikhlas, APOLOGISE to those i made them angry to me about my wrongs oh....

First of all,to my CAT classmate
Sorry oh Pitt Kuan
Sorry oh Louie
Sorry oh Maki
Sorry oh Yen Mei
Sorry oh Boon
Sorry oh Yeoh
Sorry oh Wan Ni
Sorry oh May Jean
Sorry oh Swee Yen
Sorry oh Jia Kheng
Sorry oh Shih wei
last sorry to my T4 lecture,Miss Annie Tan oh..

Second,to my student council member
Sorry oh JH
Sorry oh Chao
Sorry oh Kenny Chew
Sorry oh Susan
Sorry oh Stephanie
Sorry oh Ley Gle
Sorry oh Kah Fai
Sorry oh Alvin

Last,to my very very very best friend
Teresa Kow Yoke San,Sorry oh...

i don't meant wan you guys + girls to forgive me oh.hope you all don't angry me... >.< I promise not to become like this anymore oh...I'll become happy again k?

Anyway,almost forget his birthday today.18th October.
This jiahao is not the jiahao i met in my college oh,JH don't perasan k?kekeke =p

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