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Thursday, October 30, 2008

chong's 21st birthday

Exam coming soon.
Again i not really study hard.
Never feel any stress.
Still sit in front of the computer
I don't know why sombody will feel very very stress.
But for me,never worry about the exam.
Hope will not fail lop *sob sob >.<
Quarrel with mark recently.
What happen to us?
Suddenly become like this?
But he apologise to me yesterday d and i did say sorry to him too.
So it is over =)
But sorry to say again here oh..
Not feeling well recently.
Especially stomach,mayb cause the 'za jiang mee' yesterday?
Still not recovering yet oh..Hope will recover soon =(
Went hi-tea with joshua today (his lunch keke)
He told me one joke but not really celaka actually.
But i still laugh like....em,so po?lol
Mayb the way he spoke mandrin funny gua.. =D

the un'landuo' ppl eating. =D

Well,tomorrow Wai Chung's birthday.
And somebody go and wish him birthday today
and she thought his birthday was today..=.="
ok la,she knew she's blur lar.
Anyway,here i am to wish him
have a sweet memory with your girl ya..=)

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