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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As Jo-n says, we all are look like......

panda on that day - Saturday night
You know why?
because all of us were still in the K box at 1 something in the morning. =.=
this is the first time i ever crazy that late in the k box loo...

Last Saturday night,i joined with other company staff sing k at jusco cheras selatan.
everyone crazy until 1 included the 8 years old kids (mr ho's & ivy's son)

so on that day as normal i went work in the morning first then sing k at night.
i just let the photo to introduce all the 'pandasss' *shhh,dun tell them that i call them panda ah...
first pair of panda family - ivy and wen how

another two pandas - yvonne and jo-n
fat panda-Herman

panda papa and panda mama - mr ho and ivy

panda mei mei,the youngest in my office and their office-me lo...=.=

mr ho and herman

panda xiao di di and panda da jie jie

panda jessy and ivy

big head paste - wen how

stop calling panda again-me and joanne ohh

dun be shy laa xiao di di xD

so shy dun wan to look at the camera..

yvonne and joanne

mr ho enjoy singing his yam gor....

second ppl from lltc appeared here finally,miss chua and her daughterjoin us ater that.

joanne sangat bangga to take pic with the sexy girl xD *just joking

herman enjoying the song too...

herman and me again

they said they din take photo with miss chua b4 take loo ^.^

my 'bao mu' in my office

this porve that the kid-wen how messed up the table xD

panda group photo was taken by the waiter there.
behind:wen how,ivy,mr ho,herman,sea kay,yvonne,miss chua's lui,miss chua and joanne

again the group photo
mr ho tak habis habis with the mic..

everyone in front just kneww down ady....

last photo..
ivy and yvonne

Friday, August 21, 2009

duno why

recently duno why...
get angry easily...
feel very bo song to many things...
super moody >< make dear feel sick and tired to me.
don't know why don't know why
i don't know why!!!!!! T.T
sorry dear >.<

dear got accident yesterday night,when the time he want to send me home after my night class
the left door crashed.the very ngam cham gor gor keep grumble only =.=
grumble macam he never crash the car before..
macam he never had accident before
just think before you scold people.
have you blame anyone after you got accident?
or you don't know what does the words "accident" mean?
ataupun you are the god can expect everything happen?

He is moody now....
because of the ngam cham gor gor..
but i can't do anything to help him..
feel so useless...
sorry dear......

sleepy and tiring now...
feel wanna sleep in the office..
can i?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


recently many many pain..
sini pain sana pain..
now whole body pain T.T
maybe due to the skating on past sunday gua..
still not recover yet ><
but still wan go skating again
coz i found that skating is quite different with roller
i must try my very best to learn skating myself very very well!!!

gayao jessy!! =)

hopeully won't bankrupt after skating...hehe

Monday, August 17, 2009

result has came out

result has came out...
i had fail 2 subject...
which is T9 - Taxation
and T10 - Managing & finance
didn't feel any upset..
coz is all under my expectation.
it is impossible for me to pass this two subject in june sitting.
so how?
just sign up for class again.
dear get me all the information for the part time classes for these two subject
and even get me a registration form
so i just have to fill in the form,pay fee and attend the class ^.^
need money again.. ><
aiks, no choice..
who ask me dun concentrate in the class leh?
keep ponteng only...
so have to resit the paper lop...
must gayao ady!!!!!

quite free in the office today..
but can't on9 in the office..
if on oso just a while....
then read his bloggie...
he seems so sad according the post...
he tend to be strong enough in front of us.
so that he won't get bully by anyone
so that he can still live in this world.
he wanted to do many things...
but he are not able to
coz he is carrying a burden..
the burden which make him can't just leave away from home.
what i can say now is...
i'm really feel pity of him......
this is my regret for can't help him on anything to release his burden..

You tend to be strong enough in front of us.
But how you feel deep in your heart we all know.
What i can say is, all this beyond our control.

Friday, August 14, 2009


im happy oh...

went for movie with my dear...
didn't watch movie with him for very long time.... >.<
so we suggest to watch "The Proposal" at wednesday =)

quite ok the movie...
i laugh dao cough.... =.=

After our movie,we had our dinner at KFC
which i didn't eat for very very long time due to the audit works.
his very good gor gor didn't use car on that day....
so he send me home.... ^.^

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

belated birthday

this post is for the belated birthday boy who born in August.

him - Eugene Wong on 1st August

him - Simon Lua on 2nd August

him - Lee Shim Hwa on 8th August

and him - Sean Chooi on 9th August
kepala senget ady xD

girl so far no ppl birthday....

HAPPY 20th, 19th, 21st and 19th birthday to you all respectively!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lame joke


guess an alphabet

got it?

wan answer?

answer is

coz long time no C =.=

Friday, August 7, 2009

Gary LR

bonia ended...
office work start again...
finish all the report finally
but they din dedicate new report for me so far
so today do admin job for the manager.

got a bad news few days ago
one of our perimbun senior had pass away
Gary Leon Robert
died due to dehydration
i don't really know him actually,
but he was only 22
that is really young enough
quite sayang ><
according to my friends
he is smart
i'm still remember
he was our head prefect when i was just form 2
and he was good looking too.
what we can do now is pray for him.
let the god to justify everything.

may Gary rest in peace
your friends gonna miss you always.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the outing

new friend, pui yan and i

shaun and me( first photo with him only)

with meng tsu (same too)

with jia yuan

Date : 25th July 2009
Venue : Time Square,Midah night market
& Mamak ABC

A very looooooong post but now only update
what to do?busy people mah....

come back to here.
i had a happy memory on that day...
a very unexpected day...
unexpected his appearance......

went to time square that day at first
with jia yuan for movie
movie - obsessed...
such a vio movie between two women
so guys
better not to offend the girl wor...

after the violent movie
we met up wai xiang and the gang to go pasar malam at taman midah
so here are all the gang

old friend
~Jia Yuan
~Wai Xiang
~Shaun (the "big guy" i never see him for one whole year ady!)
~Meng Tsu
~Kah Hoong
~Chee Hoe

new friend:
~Pui Ying a.k.a Wai Xiang's girl
~Pui Yan a.k.a Kah Hoong's girl
~Chin Hong a.k.a the chimp
~Terence Lee

reach pasar malam eat eat =.=
someone pay for me
thank you wor =)
next time belanja back..hehe

then 12 people with 3 cars headed to ABC mamak after midah walk.
ordered one limau ais
coz very full at pasar malam ady >.<
finish the limau ais
the very kind driver- chimp send me home *thank you again. =)

that is all for that day outing.

Monday, August 3, 2009


i'm back to office again.
but tomorrow still have to follow MR. HO out for audit at Bonia.
just back office for the previous report problem.
problem again.
i just wonder..
why don't they just tell me all the problem
cakap separuh tak cakap separuh will make ppl "mang zhang" wan you know?
people are still new
don't know anything about audit
if there is the changes of the format then just tell
jangan ppl dah print out the report only inform people..
you know tiger and elephant become lesser and lesser?
i knew that..
you are my senior
you got more audit experience than me
by right i should respect you.
but i just thinking...
how long i can tahan you?
why senior must have the muka berlagak in front of the junior?
you think junior can bully as what you like?
is it senior can ask junior to do whatever you ask?
you can't do by own?
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