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Saturday, October 25, 2008

nothing to do..=)

8th Oct 2008
going to college with tiring.quite worry about my paper based exam payment,scare can't attend for my exam paper because delay of the payment of the exam.Reach college very early since today got class at 2o clock.Reached college,saw my darling,stephanie and susan was stress+ing for their exam later especially stephanie was having sick that time somemore.Really afraid she will feel tak bolah tahan then 'dum' faint there that time.I was going to the first aid room and get some medicine for her actually,but i think the college really poor till no $$ to buy medicine lol.So i went to waston which near by my college and some medicine for her.aiks,hope she will past her exam ler... >.<

After my class me,pitt kuan and yen mei went to leisure mall for haircut of yen mei.went to sushi king to have our dinner after her hair cut.To be honest,her hair,got cut = tak de gunting like tat,aiks her 20 bucks jao gam mou jor lop...We went to shopping till 8something.During the shopping time,again i saw him - joshua lol.Just saw him yesterday again saw him today,but i can see his two dracula front teeth since he fall down few weeks ago and broke his two front teeth,quite nice..hahahahhaha
0241 im here to wish all of you a very good morning ya....=)
have to go sleep now lor,otherwise tmr cant wake up to skol >.< god night ya my friends.sweet dreams~

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