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Saturday, October 25, 2008

holiday life without money-3rd day

3rd Oct 2008
Back to nx link work again..but this time i shift to other campus which is located at equine park jusco-seri kembangan.To be honest this is the first time i kena tipu from boss to work there...i regret that i promised them to work there.This was the long long story,ask me if you guys wanna know k?and Boss,you remember ya...hahaha.By the way,today were extreamly boring man,time goes very very slow like snail,just because im alone to work and no body talking with me,but luckily what i called him as strange gor gor come to my stall and ask some survey from me and we talk about 1hour haha =D the time past very fast that time ^.^

To be honest,this jusco totally better than the jusco in balakong x10!!!!seriously...The environment there were nice,although here got no cinema,but got many delicious food and the most important is it is located near by the chinese restaurant and i don't need to eat those food court things because the food court things were super expansive + super uoek!!!!

Beside this here's my financial report in this holilday..T.T

Balanced b/d RM 15
Debit cash RM 38
Credit transport (taxi from the mines to equine) (RM 16 T.T)
2meal (RM 9.50)
Marsh mellow (RM 5.50)
Balance c/f RM 22 Again no money!!!!T.T

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