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Thursday, December 31, 2009


this date meant alot of things....
meant that the last day everyone were stepping in this world in year 2009
meant that the last day for my colleague- shahira in LLTC
meant that the last day for me in 19 =.=
hopefully that these day will not coming
next year i will be 20 jor...
10++ ---> 20 jor
just a day, it can be change alot.
just a minute, it can be make things destroyed
just a second, god can bring alot of human to heaven.
sound so pessimist ==
but anyway, no matter have you see this blog, this post i for you oh... =) (u gonna bangga alot!!! xD)

Shahira, my colleaguewho joined LLTC for half year
although she is not close to me, but she share alot to me and all the colleagues
especially favourite...hahahaha..
this day, she purposely woke up at 5
just to cook something nice to us
spagetti~ wahahaha yummy yummy ^.^
she is just half year in LLTC....


3 out of 4 food is made by her..

the spagetti sauce...

the naughty girl stole cake eat..keke

she, and the boss

my colleague

the whole staff from KL branch

me and her

hahaha...kena tease.. xD

no matter how, thank you for the farewell party shahira...
thank you for being my colleague for half years...
thank you for understanding me always~
thank you~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my second visit....

my second christmas visit - time square

the christmas tree..

at lower ground floor.

kl tower o twin tower??
no no no block tower

Monday, December 28, 2009

Next destination in ipoh-Pangkor Island

Our next destination-Pangkor Island
which i have been there last year with my CAT classmates
after breakfast together, so we depart from the hotel
everyone sleep again during the journey as we are quite tired due to the dinner yesterday
furthermore...bus is one of the nice place to sleep xD

lumut jetty

5 of us again..

5of us with the boss

we met the couple..which the girl marry out from pangkor
the bride is pretty...

the ship

the village

our apartment for this two days...the living room.

the bed room of me and mun keng.

our housemate-CY and eric's room.

we can the swimming pool fromm the roof

at pangkor beach
ina, me, maya and hidayah.

ina and me oh...

me, cy, ina, maya, mun keng, hidayah and eric.

i tot pangkor was dirty in my first sight when i went to there..

and now i only realised, it is not that dirty as my impression

hahaha..finally i got the chance to sit banana boat!!!it was fun!!


er hem....tengah buat ape da org?!?! o.O

this is the consequence that u two dun enjoy with us.. xD

after the games in the beach, everyone dragging the mood of tiring back to our apartment.
we are happy, coz we didn't have these fun together before until this trip..
we are happy, coz we no need to spend any single cent in this trip for the accmodation and meal.
and I am happy, coz this is the first i enjoy the fun with my colleagues... =)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

winter soltics

this year..i got no any ideas to upate this post.....
however, we did celebrate this festival.
although, someone that closed to me have gone....
but we will miss u always =)
by the way, mom cook a very very big meal last night
and she is pretty kind, kept some for us, those who work bring to the office...

my lovely lunch the next day in the office...
Have a taste of happiness ^.^

for others, this is not the nice meal maybe
but for me, this is it!!!
because my mom use the whole of her heart to cook
i love you mami....

Monday, December 21, 2009

trip to ipoh for three days

after the CAT exam as i mention for duno how many hundreds times before this,follow my company and others branches to ipoh trips.

phew~ finally are in kl now!!!!
but the place are quite memorable
although it was the second times i went without following my family
the memories with CAT students
the memories with LLTC colleagues....
but it is weird when i'm at ipoh
suddenly the memories in malacca will appeared in my mind =.=
ipoh laa, think what malacca.
maybe it was fun as the time in malacca beh...

my ipoh trip-18th - 20 December
everyone were gather at LLTC SS2 branch on around 7something
the tour guide introduce himself
then everyone continue their dreams in the bus =.=

out first destination in the first day-Sungkai hot spring.

a part of my colleagues from my branch-Maya, Ina and her husband

see, egg got it own pool also!!!!xD

enjoying the hot bath leg with my colleagues
maya,hidayah and ina

colleagues from SS2

cindy from SS2

from behind:eric and ina's husband

the fishes form-ing a circle

behind : idayah, eric, maya
front: me, mun keng and ina

colleagues and ina's husband

hidayah,maya and ina.

the ticket for hot spring entrance.

4 of us : eric, mun keng, hidayah and me =)

mun keng and hidayah.

the only guy in our KL branch group- eric and hidayah.

the mountain..

the view way to ipoh... (why go camera there de? o.O)

arrived ipoh..
the swimming pool in the apartment,which we took from 15th floor to 6th floor.

Annual dinner~
Time: 7o' clock
Venue: Tower Regency Hotel 6th floor ball room.
Theme of the night: Hawayii

Everyone has prepared for the dinner.since the themes is hawayii, so everyone went to buy the suitable costume own self.For me? i don't want to spent money on the dress because i knew i seldom wear those dinner dress and luckily i have a dress that almost suit for the themes, so i didn't spend any single cent on my costume, just wear what i already have.

in our apartment
before going to the ball room.
eric, hidayag, maya, mun keng and me.

the place where we gonna to step on..

the place where we gonna to have our nice nice dinner xD

grand prizes that we gonna bring back home xD

in the ball room.
me and Ina

whole kl branch and the boss-Mr, Chong.

our table, with some of the branches staff.

the 5 partners.

show from ipoh branches

SS 2 branches...

the sweet couple.

they are playing games.

the branches partners enjoyong too....

during working times, they are seriously...
during playing times, they play till crazy
see boss pun crazy with the staff jor =.=

boss still small?
act like a kid to get his daughter's prize. xD

ending soon
maya, hidayah and me.

5 branches LLTC groups photo.

evryone dance together after the dinner...

the camera effect.

with our prizes... ^.^

the night tat night.

3 of us =)

4 of us after the dinner
see our prizes....^.^

mun keng and hidaya.. quite pretty.

going to the find zhou gong's son soon....
see many skin care on the table =.=

Next updates-Second day in ipoh...
coming soon............

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