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Thursday, March 26, 2009

late updated

sorry for the very very late updated....
actually im using college's pc right now....
in case my internet abit sot sot...
sometimes can on9 but sometimes cant at all....
as if these few days
cant on9 at all!!!!
wan update something nice pun tak boleh!! >.<
but i will update when my internet are fixed..

to my readers : sabar k?
thank you for "menyabar" LOL

Sunday, March 22, 2009

telur ayam=huey "chit tan"

The total 8 years of our friendship.
since standard 5 i knew her,
she look like a tom boy.
until now...
she became a pretty girl.

~deng deng deng deng~
somebody did say we are sisters wor..
look alike?comment abit...

and the 15th of march,
we will never forget this special day of her
as a friend of her mah.


On that day,we had dinner after my work and i headed to leisure mall to meet with zi wei quickly
many thanks to my driver on that day-zi wei =)
then everyone gather at the mines there and we go dinner together
the people who going was...
~Shi Chee
~Zi Wei
~Seow Iuan
~Seow Iang
~sao sing pol Chit Huey
~Lai Mui
~Pitt Kuan
~Daniel and

Everyone are from Perimbun except for jason who from bandar baru sungai long i think.
We went for Steamboat buffet at serdang.This place were suggested by me.
Onli 21bucks per person and you can eat whatever you want and how many you want.
but don't try to waste the food otherwise they will charge more to you >.<

Unfortunately i have to go back earlier and same as zi wei too
so we only enjoyed until 9something.
but we had fun with all of them.miss them very much much >.<

happy birthday to eu~
blew candles
cut birthday cake
pick up the candle from the cake by mouth
group photo
from left:zi wei,lai mui,seow iuan,me,chit huey,seow iang,pitt kuan,jason and daniel
zi wei,me and chit hueythe perimbun girl zi wei,me,kuan,lai mui iang and huey

chit hueyzi wei and seow iuan
with iang iangwith pitt kuan
girls group photo before we leave
and the last photo with two of them that day
daniel and jason

im gonna moss them much again.. >.<
next birthday will be the iuan iang's (the twins)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

outing and shopping


Since the outing during valentine's day with him,i have never go movie for a month.These might be explained by the so close time with study,furthermore most of my friends have watched all the movie. *watched 2movies in a week,geng mou?? >.<
Due to the free day i have in this week,finally i found someone is willing to watch movie with me.
The movie i wanted to watch for very long time jor.

love matters. =)

This movie doesn't funny as what I expected,but anyway it is kinda nice ohh.Alot of morale value should learned by us especially for the guy???
You guys should learn it.faham tak?xD
For those who "lc" me that they watched this,i can tell you now.
I watched this too!
nenene~ ^.^

By the way,yesterday going movie with Jonathan at leisure mall.The friends who i din see for one year more.Message up him at 12o clock see whether isit he is ready to go out.Who knows,he is still in the sleeping mood =.= since i have reserved the ticket and the movie started at 1 o clock,so i go buy tickets first and finally he appeared in leisure mall at 1.30+ =.=

Headed to time square after the movie for attending lunch with kok wei actually,but ffk suddenly >.< but he promised will treat me next week.hahahaha xD
Stay in time square for shopping!
Didn't go shopping for super duple looooong time
I am not going to shop for clothes...
but i going to shop for foods...hehe
there is a fair which had by cold storage
and their is lotsa junk foods for me to shop...
but i onli bought some
in case that i didn't bring much money out on that day >.<

the food i shop for that day.
i bought few la but all the same.
im not that crazy in shopping okkkay?

Back home at 5 o clock and next round....
Connaught pasar malam.
Waiting for zi wei to come and fetch me at 11.30.
and we headed to night market.hehe
both of us has the same hobby which is only shop for food ^.^
we hunt for food that night.
after the food hunting and the chit chat with frens at there
we ready to back home at 12++
and i am home at 1 o clock.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pissed off






Friday, March 13, 2009

忍住不笑算你厉害! xD


   孝 男:潘根科
   孝 媳:池氏
   孝 孙:潘道时


Thursday, March 12, 2009

the result

STPM and SPM result were released on 10th march and today respectively!

Taniah kepada those who got the result you want =)
and "takziah" kepada those who got bad result =(

Today,back to Perimbun for taking my result too,not for this year but is for last year ^.^
Some of my juniors there kena tipu by me and even my friends xD

Im taking SPM certificate actually,which every SPM candidates should take it after one or two years after they sat their exam.
So don't forget to take your certificate year after this wor,in fact that some of my friends don't know about the certificate at all >.<

call up my kai sai lou during my break time in the college for asking his result.He is the person who always play play har but hope to get good result actually,when i call him...

Victor : " Halo ar jie~" (sound like so welcome to my call) =.=
I : " How's your result a? all pass or all fail? >.<
Victor : " fail add math lorr..."
I : " Then the rest leh?"
Victor : " I got one red apple.hehe"
I : " Har???got red apple a?what subject you got red apple?
Victor : " Science loo A1 leh."
I : " Huh?A1 somemore a?(aku memang let him zha dou speechless lor) >.< then how many green apple you got?
Victor : " I got 2 green apple.eng and math. (math pun boleh dapat green apple.swt)
I : " How about spoilt apple?
Victor : " spoilt wan got alot ohh" >.<

Anyway,congratulation to him for getting unexpected result xD
and to my sister for her STPM result.
She got 2A and all B in STPM,grade 3.75 woh....
i wonder can i get that result?
if i go form 6 for sure mommy giving so much of pressure de >.<

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today is the International woman's day...
i still remember someone asked me
"why we got woman's day in this world but we don't have men's day?" those who asked me this question,let me ask you back...
"Is your dad o mom gave birth to you?" XD
Anyway,to all popo-s,mama-s,aunties,leng luies,xiao mei meies,and baby girls....


I don't know how come mostly special days will be many people's birthday too and there is few around me.
Here comes the sao sing gongs and sao sing po-s

Teo Ling Yen-classmate in chin woo

Nicky -the guy who can read some girl's mind sometimes o.O

hafiz-classmate in secondary school ohh..

And kit mun-my schoolmate in perimbun too..(i dun have her photo >.< )


Saturday, March 7, 2009

yummy breakfast ^.^

awoke very early today just for making breakfast for me and one extra for Yoke San

in facts that she didn't have her breakfast always just because of the lotsa customer in old town.


but most of it was she don't want to have breakfast herself and oldtown did provide breakfast for the staff who take morning shift xD

This is her breakfast which made by me.Let's just see what is inside there ^.^

1st layer-bread.
2nd layer-egg

3rd layer-a piece of ham

last layer-bread....^.^

and this is mine

1st layer-bread
2nd layer-ham

3rd layer-egg

4th layer-ham again ^.^

and the last layer-bread

anyway,she did not get food poisoning after she have her breakfast by me... xD

Friday, March 6, 2009

then very "good" service

Today the bus driver is kinda weird in his reaction.

When i get up to the bus after my class,something weird happened.....

Weird 1 : There is not ever pack in the bus but he don't stop in certain station to take passenger

Weird 2 : The bus driver like so rush in time.He didn't allow the passenger to get down fully only he close the back door,until the passenger get hurt to the door.

Weird 3 : The passenger is far from the front door actually,but he opens the front door and wants the passenger get down from the fronts door.(the back door is functional)Once the passenger did not get down at the front door and he are just stop at the station and wait.

Weird 4 : The passenger wanted to get down at the station and she did press the ring,but the bus driver stop at the place which far to the station a while and he didn't stop at the station to let the passenger get down.

However,i don't regret to choose this bus i get up although..
~there is a bus which can travel me to my station straight at pasar seni but i didn't take
~i need to change to another bus at leisure mall
~i'm home quite late today

but,when i get up to my bus at leisure mall station,i met a girl again which i didn't see her for 7 years.She is Jia Min-my primary school classmate when i was in SRJK (C) Chin Woo.
She recognise me finally laa.....haiyo,did i change alot? >.< We chat alot in the way back to my station.We talk some about the dead fish...haha.We talked about our classmate...
miss them alot... >.<"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To whom it may concern

one of the memorable time for me...

since 15th february 2007....

we belong together =)

in 18th of june 2007
we broke up due to certain reasons.
and we remain to the friend relationship
although we broke up...
but sometimes,
we did keep in touch
as friends mah
we met each other sometimes coincidently...
we were still stick as friend as well =)

and today
the 3rd of march is his big day...
as a friends of him...
of course need to wish him laa... XD


may you happy everyday ya... =)

Monday, March 2, 2009

paper based exam

Just received the docket again from ACCA few days ago regarding my result and i'm already CONFIRM that i pass my T5.haha.This is such a good news which i still thought im dreaming before this. XD

However,there is a bad news too >.< It is time for me to pay money for my next four paper in June sitting.The death line is the 15th of april for 42 pounds otherwise the exam payment will increase to 110 pounds!very horrible loo.Why don't ACCA rob one of the bank so they can get more than this amount.good idea right?haha.

I think i will have my test in USCI again because i can take bus to UCSI instead to go to the college which far for me like TARC,but if i got car,then no need take bus loo.I want a car la mom >.< atleast i can drive to UCSI gua?
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