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Monday, January 25, 2010

penang trip for 4days

hey girls & guys..
this blog will be in comma for four days...
just because the owner is going audit outstation after 5hours and 30 minutes....
the trip this time was - penang.....
after that will be super super super...
hyper hyper hyper busy.....
busy in office...
busy for internal audit
busy for chinese new year....
k...time to ciao~
see ya after penang trip~ =)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

just let it go...

yesterday night went out yam cha with of my frens.....
and this night, im not the drivers anymore!!!yeah!!
coz recently i almost been ppl's amat everyday..
then i think of the words that she told me
"don't think become ppl's driver is fun, very tired de"
coz you have to fetch people to from here to there, from there to here....
you will get scold by the ppl when you were just late for A WHILE!!!!

by the way, thanks to the drivers yesterday
it been a long long time i didn't see one of the friend...
not we don't keep in touch
i did want to but
the situation don't allow...
so now, the things were settled. we were finally remain as last time...
we chat alot......
should say, this is the 1st time after those issue we can chat tat much....
bla bla bla blu blu blu.....
nothing we can't chat
eventhough some talks was hurt and reminding....
sorry, i dun mean want to talk about that..
hope you can be tough~

everyone have to go through this stage,
although this were your 1st time,
but i hope that you can go through it sucessfully ya.....
jia you, i support you here =)
Jessica with cares

Friday, January 15, 2010

listening to the sea

yesterday back home at 11 like tat after movie with my dear...
we watch ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS..yeah!!^.^
we purposely go mid valley from my office, and back wangsa maju from there...
you see laa, crazy not???? =.=
anyway the movie is nice =)

back home at 11
listening to radio in the car actually
just feel like dun wan to get down from the car
suddenly the DJ broadcast a song
is an 10 years more old songs actually
although it is old, but most of the people love it
same as me
and the lyric is quite meaningful
this make me think of what the DJ said last time about the song's story
and the artis
it touched me when i heard about it
just want to share with you girls & guys who reading this...

Listening to the sea

写信告诉我今天 海是什么颜色

夜夜陪著你的海 心情又如何

狂浪的心 停在哪里

写信告诉我今夜 你想要梦什么

梦里外的我是否 都让你无从选择

我揪著一颗心 整夜都闭不了眼睛

为何你明明动了情 却又不靠近

听 海哭的声音 叹
一定不是我 至少我很冷静

可是泪水 就连泪水也都不相信

听 海哭的声音
写封信给我 就当最後约定

说你在离开我的时候 是怎样的心情

Thursday, January 14, 2010

my very first

last week went to maison pub with susan and her friend
this was my very first time wnt there for drink....
it is out of sudden actually
i dun really like to go those place
the music is very rock and loud
parents don't allow
he.....don't like me drink too much
so i din go before unless one of the only reason for her
and this time,
coz susan's fren keep ask her out for drink, then she need me to company her
you know la, hw good am i, so i just company her go lo...
i didn't spent anything at there,
firstly, it is FOC for two of us
and second, i di spend my time to choose my costume
just a simple t-shirt and jeans (coz i went after my class =.= )
and somemore a sweater.....
did you see anybody wore sweater into the pub? =.=

susan and me
fung, me and susan

this was the first time i drank high alcoholic drink that much
this was the first time i vomit after the drink,
and this was the first time i can feel a bit drunk =.=

Monday, January 11, 2010

her 21st birthday

recently attended one of my college fren's birthday - ley gle
this was her 21 st birthday...
means that she is the 1st 21st year old friend having a party in this year.
susan called me in the afternoon for going to her birthday...
but before this we wanted to buy present,
so have to go susan's house earlier.
it is really out of sudden
coz im actually doing house work for my mom
if i just ciao away, she sure grumble alot ==
but sorry mom, i have to go
coz im not the driver on that day wor....
reached her house, onli know that
susan:" we go there on 7something laa, coz her birthday party having at 8.30, then we go buy present at 3something like tat ya."
zzz speechless...
went jusco maluri for buying the present
then bath at susan's house at night
met my dear dear then we leave at 7 something
susan said " i didn't drive for long time ady ohh..."
"geng loo, we hvn buy insurance yet!!"
gle stay at puchong, so we meet another driver at bukit jalil
coz he is the only one knew how to go there.
reach there at 9, but home at 1.
but we did enjoy with all my college fren

the birthday girl is wearing pink colour shirt
from left: susan, may jean, stephy, gle, stephanie and me..

and today,

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY TO YOU YEE LEY GLE a.k.a. illegal =p

Thursday, January 7, 2010


a brand new year - 2010
someone said,:"2 years more 2012 jor, scare wor.... "
scare what jek?
should be happy mah...
we don't know what is happening after this
therefore we should cherish what we have now...
but not those illegal things

illegal, can be many things
for example, one of my fren name YEE LEY GLE
sound like illegal.. xD
did something illegal can be make people fed up
did something illegal can disappointed to the people
and can make people disappointed too

this day, i did something illegal,
but this illegal, make me totally disappointed to her...
i read her diary
i know this is privacy, but this is the only way let me know more about what i expect
so, sorry to her.
she, did something illegal
something that my parents dunno
something that i could guess
coz, she told me about the guy too
i found that she was in the relationship
and the guy, who i knew too
because of something, i don't wan to have any relation to him!!!!
and he, is crazy in my first impression
becaused of him, my family say something rough to me
included her
i don't mind what you say about me
but before you say ppl, please think of ownself
are you sure you won't do that in future?
and remember, she is only 14 this year
and the guy, is EIGHT years elder than her
i im not going to disagree this aging concept
but she even go terrible with him...
forgive me for saying you with these 5 words.

please be conscious early!!!!
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