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Thursday, October 30, 2008

chong's 21st birthday

Exam coming soon.
Again i not really study hard.
Never feel any stress.
Still sit in front of the computer
I don't know why sombody will feel very very stress.
But for me,never worry about the exam.
Hope will not fail lop *sob sob >.<
Quarrel with mark recently.
What happen to us?
Suddenly become like this?
But he apologise to me yesterday d and i did say sorry to him too.
So it is over =)
But sorry to say again here oh..
Not feeling well recently.
Especially stomach,mayb cause the 'za jiang mee' yesterday?
Still not recovering yet oh..Hope will recover soon =(
Went hi-tea with joshua today (his lunch keke)
He told me one joke but not really celaka actually.
But i still laugh like....em,so po?lol
Mayb the way he spoke mandrin funny gua.. =D

the un'landuo' ppl eating. =D

Well,tomorrow Wai Chung's birthday.
And somebody go and wish him birthday today
and she thought his birthday was today..=.="
ok la,she knew she's blur lar.
Anyway,here i am to wish him
have a sweet memory with your girl ya..=)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3/4 day trip to selayang

Special deepavali holiday promo.3 quarter day 0 night.Included lunch and air-cond bus but exclud breakfast =D

Location - Jaya's house at Selayang
Date - 28th October 2008
Time - 10.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
Number of people going - 4.Jessy,Susan,Stephanie and Ley Gle
Payment - RM 10 maximum ONLY!!!!

10.00 a.m. - Cheras ---> FTMS college
Took Rapid KL U40 and U49 to FTMS college from cheras and gather there.Half way to FTMS college you may 'admire' the scenery along the journey of KL(time of the journey to FTMS,1hour)Someone almost got knock down by a taxi AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! =.=" Why is the taxi driver likes to drive so fast ar?!?!?!

12.30 p.m. - FTMS college ---> Selayang
Took Metrobus no.50 to selayang.Although the journey to there was 1 hour but still feel like stay in the bus very long even feel like over an hour in the bus >.<

1.30 p.m. - Selayang ---> Hospital Selayang
Been there to visit susan's niece cause of lungs infection.Quite pity her but she is cute really. =(

Susan's niece-Oh En Yi.Cute baby oh..^.^

2.15 p.m. - Hospital Selayang ---> Jaya's house
Having lunch in her house.Damn nice the food =) stay at her house for few hours

Look delicious..keke

Ley Gle can even eat till no single bone left..=D

4.25 p.m. - Jaya's house ---> FTMS college
Took the different bus no.55 back to FTMS college.

5.15 p.m. - FTMS college ---> Kotaraya Mydin
Went there to buy something for upcoming deepavali events

6.30 p.m. - Kotaraya Mydin ---> Cheras
Took U40 again back our own house....hehehe

~with super tiring today
~super enjoy with 3of the girls and jaya.thanks ya jaya...^.^

Beside this,lots ppl sick again recently....please take good care ya my friends....

Monday, October 27, 2008


Slept at 2something with jay's new song-给我一首歌的时间(give me the time of one song)
Woke up with a call from kok wei,2 missed call from chit huey,2 missed call from kok wei and 4 new message. -.- never got these much of new event in once in my phone before,they wanted to call me out for 'hang kai'.So again,i become very very poor T.T can anybody give me some money???=( I choosed to go movie with chit huey and the gang-daniel,pak hoe and jason at balakng jusco.Watch The House Of Bunny.

After the movie,they decided to go daniel's house,because of many games to play for GUYS.Aiks what to do,guys are always like to play game.bluek =p His mom was soooo nice and she cooked western food for us to eat.So nice =D Chit Huey even said wan learn cook from his mom.Want be ppl's sam pou zai isit?hahaha.anyway,i did enjoy these nice western meal oh...=)

Next round for tomorrow - indian food at selayang =)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Old Town ----> Pavillion

To:My 'jimui' from FTMS college

To:One of the funny guy i met since year 2005 from VI

To:The guy that he is not leng zai but thin like skeleton

And to the guy that always go out tapi kononnya no $$ =D





Today went to celebrate louie's birthday with his friends which is shih wei,nigel & wei xiang in old town actually,but many SOMEBODY just fong fei kei say as easy as ABC.Eh excuse me,don't you guys got any responsibility?Once you promised it so try to don't break your promise la,if you guys reallyp can't make it atleast tell the birthday boy earlier lop.Don't last minute only told him,it could HURT him man!!What i can say is,you guys are bad.XD Anyway,we decide to go pavillion after old town

Me and louie drove car to there.Nigel sat in my car.The first things i did before the 'journey' to pavillion was...pump celaka things was kereta sendiri but duno where is the button to open the oil pump.I knew you guys will laugh,sorry lor..people never pump oil before mah,everytime daddy pump wan.keke.Ate sushi with them.They wanted to watch Bangkok Dangerous but then i had to go back early,furthermore i've watched bangkok dangerous =D So i back home alone >.< Sorryfor my earlier home guys.Please forgive me oh.. =(

To chyuan: 18 sui,pok pok cui lor..somemore dai go zai jor,must sang sang seng seng lop XP.Hope u had a happy happy birthday today ya..=)
Apologise to Nigel:I knew im horible today oh..sorry,hopefully no next time lop..=p
And to Gideon:no present for u now unless you come my house and claim from me la.XD

Saturday, October 25, 2008

late + tiring

I think todays's lunch for me will be my latest lunch i've never have...5o clock,should be lunch or tea or DINNER?!?!?!hahahaha.XD Anyway,i went for lunch today with mr kura kura at Time Square.Its kinda late cause he going to visit his teacher in HUKM and the way he went here was very long.(nvm la last time he wait me,now my turn to wait him... XD)

Before his appearence and i was reaching quite early,so i went for shopping somemore windows wan...kaka.I desire to buy some clothes and pants actually,but not i don't wan to buy,the problem is i got no any feeling of shopping,no any single shirt that i like.somehow why those guys like to say girls are crazy in shopping.excause me,im not ookay??=D So our lunch will be at KFC.The time we leave KFC,almost forget to take my phone which i put on the table.lucky me...blek.=p

Damn tired today,fall asleep in the bus somemore just now.quite pack in the bus actually and someone was lost his phone in the bus just now.pity pity. >.<


22 Oct 2008
What happen to me oh???why i look so blur today?

First - Forgot to take money from momy after few minutes ask her when i almost reach the bus stop.I'm wondering how i gonna take bus without any single CENT?!?!No money then how can i have my lunch?and buy fishball?!?!?haha.By the way luckily daddy send mummy to the bus stop and pass to me,otherwise i can't do those things above..keke.thank you daddy mommy.

Second - Nearly got knock down by a green taxi which was just roughly 50cm++ away from me when i cross the road today.which probably make me to hospital?or in the coffin maybe?and NO NEED TO SIT FOR MY CBE EXAM TOMORROW?!? ***touchwood*** That is why i don't dare+scare to cross the road alone and even with my friends even though i have already double confirm there's no any car on the road today and i duno when the taxi appeared beside me >.< Anyway,thank god for saving my life today oh...

Third - Cant't do revision for my cbe exam tomorrow.So will i fail my exam tomorrow?hope would not be like that...

Beside this,would like to wish my CAT classmate those who sitting their CBE tomorrow,all the best and good luck ya~ AND my best primary school classmate -wen hui's birthday today

With my apologise =(

Continue with the recent post.I am here,with my hati yang ikhlas, APOLOGISE to those i made them angry to me about my wrongs oh....

First of all,to my CAT classmate
Sorry oh Pitt Kuan
Sorry oh Louie
Sorry oh Maki
Sorry oh Yen Mei
Sorry oh Boon
Sorry oh Yeoh
Sorry oh Wan Ni
Sorry oh May Jean
Sorry oh Swee Yen
Sorry oh Jia Kheng
Sorry oh Shih wei
last sorry to my T4 lecture,Miss Annie Tan oh..

Second,to my student council member
Sorry oh JH
Sorry oh Chao
Sorry oh Kenny Chew
Sorry oh Susan
Sorry oh Stephanie
Sorry oh Ley Gle
Sorry oh Kah Fai
Sorry oh Alvin

Last,to my very very very best friend
Teresa Kow Yoke San,Sorry oh...

i don't meant wan you guys + girls to forgive me oh.hope you all don't angry me... >.< I promise not to become like this anymore oh...I'll become happy again k?

Anyway,almost forget his birthday today.18th October.
This jiahao is not the jiahao i met in my college oh,JH don't perasan k?kekeke =p

Don't worry,be happy =)

21 Oct 2008
I feel that i am kinda emo recently.even make many people 'beh song' me nowadays.Sorry my friends,im here to apologise,please forgive me oh...10X sorry oh >.< Em,i knew many people really feel beh song abt my emo nowadays,really sorry my friends,but there's only one friend i really cherish who is....

the girl which has a name YOKE SAN a.k.a teresa ^.^
She is willing to stay in my side with no single angry or 'beh song',although she felt sleepy tat time *sorry my dear.We knew each other more since we are form 4,before this we don't much and not close actually.Since form 4,she started to talk much with me,she is the one who always stay beside me when i was down (although i seldom down lop =p).Now,was same as last time.Did she hate me?This is the talks of her with me in tat night oh..

~Chee Chee~ says:
~Chee Chee~ says:
i ask u ah
~Chee Chee~ says:
do u think what person am i?
~Chee Chee~ says:
i knew was the same question like last time
~Chee Chee~ says:
but i still wan to ask u again
~Chee Chee~ says:
sorry for tat k?
teresa says:
i'm not really understand wat u mean wo
teresa says:
wat question
~Chee Chee~ says:
the same question-what person am i in ur mind actually?
teresa says:
teresa says:
best frenz in secondary sch
~Chee Chee~ says:
~Chee Chee~ says:
what do u think of me?
teresa says:
u mean which part 1st??
~Chee Chee~ says:
all part
teresa says:
teresa says:
i wan sleep wo
teresa says:
so many part ar
~Chee Chee~ says:
tell me ler...
teresa says:
suddenly wan me say
teresa says:
i dun know how 2 say wo
soemtime wil more talking lo
~Chee Chee~ says:
~Chee Chee~ says:
abt my sttitute
~Chee Chee~ says:
abt my behaviour
~Chee Chee~ says:
all abt me
teresa says:
sometimes wil 唠叨
teresa says:
very helpful lo
teresa says:
who ppl need help u r the 1st ppl stand in front de
teresa says:
understand the other ppl worry abt lo
teresa says:
can make a lot of frenz lo
teresa says:
dun feel shy lo
teresa says:
very brave lo
teresa says:
~Chee Chee~ says:
no any bad thing?
~Chee Chee~ says:
for u?
teresa says:
bad thing ar
teresa says:
i dun know wo
teresa says:
sometimes i know i wil b the middle ppl at u n some ppl lo
~Chee Chee~ says:
~Chee Chee~ says:
sorry oh..
teresa says:
never mind la
teresa says:
that memory is past tense ad lo
teresa says:
dun remember it la
~Chee Chee~ says:
teresa says:
y u wan ask this
teresa says:
can u tel me
~Chee Chee~ says:
~Chee Chee~ says:
i notice tat some of my fren just like u
~Chee Chee~ says:
somehow think almost im perfect
~Chee Chee~ says:
but some i think i offened them
~Chee Chee~ says:
and i din do anything to them
~Chee Chee~ says:
i tot i did something to them and they leave me
~Chee Chee~ says:
but act is not
~Chee Chee~ says:
they suddenly leave me...
teresa says:
who r the ppl( they )
~Chee Chee~ says:
they refer to two kind of ppl...
~Chee Chee~ says:
one is something like u=same opinion with u
~Chee Chee~ says:
and some i din do anything to them and i feel like they getting far and far away to me
teresa says:
y u suddenly say like that de
teresa says:
r u ok
~Chee Chee~ says:
teresa says:
do u need help
~Chee Chee~ says:
i got tat feeling
~Chee Chee~ says:
and the feeling is just like last year when i was very fren with her tat time
~Chee Chee~ says:
and they started to getting far and far away from me..
~Chee Chee~ says:
1stly i tot mayb different opinion..
~Chee Chee~ says:
but nowaday i feel tat tat is not as easy like tat
teresa says:
ppl wil b changed de ma
teresa says:
after a long time
~Chee Chee~ says:
but the relationship me and u din change
teresa says:
~Chee Chee~ says:
izit i cant too fren with anyone o too close?
teresa says:
no la
teresa says:
u can't think like that de
teresa says:
u need open mind de
~Chee Chee~ says:
teresa says:
which event is unhappy dun remember it
~Chee Chee~ says:
for me lar..
teresa says:
just remember the happy event
~Chee Chee~ says:
to be honest
~Chee Chee~ says:
the happy event more than the unhappy event i having
~Chee Chee~ says:
but the sad event is always cover my happy event easily
~Chee Chee~ says:
just like 3 o 4 happy event can covered by ONE sad event
teresa says:
so u need 2 find a way 2 buang it lo
teresa says:
teresa says:
i know that
teresa says:
u must happy
teresa says:
r u ok right now
teresa says:
u study at there also not happy ar
teresa says:
or the sad event is occured at ur house??
~Chee Chee~ says:
no laa
~Chee Chee~ says:
some is abt family problem
~Chee Chee~ says:
but it never affect me
~Chee Chee~ says:
u noe fren is oso important for me beside my family

Here's the part of our talks,other all privacy..keke.Maybe some ppl will think this is onli the normal talks,but for me this shows tat she is really care for me.I knew i don't deserve to have a friends like this,but thank god tat gave me yoke san.thanks yoke san *hugs hugs

Post to be continue with another post...

all the best!!

12 Oct 2008
The important days for for form 3 student after this, VERY IMPORTANT!!SUPER IMPORTANT!!! *what is so excited me? lol - PMR was coming soooooooon..really soon d,but ur freedom soon too,relax lar you all not like me exam again in end of this month >.<

I am here to wish all of you ALL THE BEST IN YOUR PMR!! this is the only words i can say here,*takkan you all want me to help you all to answer your pmr paper right??hahahahahaha.Anyway,those who not yet sleep now,please rest now otherwise you just imagine that you can't wake up early the morning to sit for your exam? choi,touch wood! =D

Em,best wishes for:

~All PMR student especially from Perimbun
~My dearest RC junior-Sin Nee,try your best to hit your target k?i know ur target= straight A's ^.^
~My KH student for one day-Chit Fei
~Mey Ling from CBN,gayao oh...=)
~Pitt kuan's sister - Pitt Mun,do your best oh.. ;)
~Joshua,Simon and my Chin Woo buddy-Wee Xiang,although they are not pmr student but their F6 final exam will be on next week,dun too stress k?x)
~CAT student,will taking their CBE exam end of this month & next month,remember to take good care of yourself oh...
~Henry,will having his final in australia after 3weeks,rest a while if u feel stress ya.bah kata perpatah,REST is to go further on the way =D

Too many ppl to wish ady...keke..for those who i din wish..sorry oh,too many frens d.i am here to wish you all good luck in ur life ya.. =)

Cikgu B.M dah jadi gila =D

Murid : Selamat pagi, Cikgu.
Cikgu : (Menengking) Mengapa selamat pagi sahaja? Petang dan malam awak doakan saya tak selamat?
Murid : Selamat pagi, petang dan malam Cikgu!
Cikgu : Panjang sangat! Tak pernah dibuat oleh orang! Kata selamat sejahtera! Senang dan penuh bermakna.Lagipun ucapan ini meliputi semua masa dan keadaan.
Murid : Selamat sejahtera Cikgu!
Cikgu : Sama-sama, duduk! Dengar sini baik-baik. Hari ini Cikgu nak uji kamu semua tentang perkataan berlawan. Bila Cikgu sebutkan perkataannya, kamu semua mesti menjawab dengan cepat, lawan bagi perkataan-perkataan itu, faham?
Murid : Faham, Cikgu!
Cikgu : Saya tak mahu ada apa-apa gangguan.
Murid : (senyap)
Cikgu : Pandai!
Murid : Bodoh!
Cikgu : Tinggi!
Murid : Rendah!
Cikgu : Jauh!
Murid : Dekat!
Cikgu : Keadilan!
Murid : UMNO!
Cikgu : Salah!
Murid : Betul!
Cikgu : Bodoh!
Murid : Pandai!
Cikgu : Bukan!
Murid : Ya!
Cikgu : Oh Tuhan!
Murid : Oh Hamba!
Cikgu : Dengar ini!
Murid : Dengar itu!
Cikgu : Diam!
Murid : Bising!
Cikgu : Itu bukan pertanyaan, bodoh!
Murid : Ini ialah jawapan, pandai!
Cikgu : Mati aku!
Murid : Hidup kami!
Cikgu : Rotan baru tau!
Murid : Akar lama tak tau!
Cikgu : Malas aku ajar kamu!
Murid : Rajin kami belajar Cikgu!
Cikgu : Kamu gila!
Murid : Kami siuman!
Cikgu : Cukup! Cukup!
Murid : Kurang! Kurang!
Cikgu : Sudah! Sudah!
Murid : Belum! Belum!
Cikgu : Mengapa kamu semua bodoh sangat?
Murid : Sebab saya seorang pandai!
Cikgu : Oh! Melawan!
Murid : Oh! Mengalah!
Cikgu : Kurang ajar!
Murid : Cukup ajar!
Cikgu : Habis aku!
Murid : Kekal kami!
Cikgu : O.K. Pelajaran sudah habis!
Murid : K.O. Pelajaran belum bermula!
Cikgu : Sudah, bodoh!
Murid : Belum, pandai!
Cikgu : Berdiri!
Murid : Duduk!
Cikgu : Saya kata UMNO salah!
Murid : Kami dengar KeADILan betul!
Cikgu : Bangang kamu ni!
Murid : Cerdik kami tu!
Cikgu : Rosak!
Murid : Baik!
Cikgu : Kamu semua ditahan tengah hari ini!
Murid : Dilepaskan tengah malam itu!
Cikgu : (Senyap dan mengambil buku-bukunya keluar.)


Mark's blog wrote that how good am i leh!!!so proud you praising me like that,but u said that i somewhat a tomboy!!apa la,people girl forever ookay???mau kena tumbuk ka??x)However,i still think i am not good enough ohh *humble me?din see u say i am humble??haha.but anyway thank you for praising me like that ya *proud proud
By the way you kinda free in this raya holiday wor...tak nampak you study pun,CBE AROUND THE CORNER you know????

Here's the crap-about-yourself-tag! x)

Write few statements about yourself

1.As everyone know,i'm friendly enough...hahahahaha.I love to mix around and make new friends,even can go it crazy easily with my friends sometimes.keke x)

2.I am such a cheerful people.the words from me was 'everything will be fine if you think it positively'.To be a cheerful person is good or bad?i don't know =)

3.I always talk loudly i know =p.People had already change a lot in this bad habit lar,sorry lorrrr.. xp

4.I dislike people to slander me.If that is fact then just say out k?Don't try to plan many things and fitnah me oh..=p

5.I really can't let go of someone who had manage to enter my heart, my life easily. I know eventually everyone leaves. I know that. But it is hard for me to let go someone sometimes.

6.The girl who always likes to eat eat eat especially chocolate,fishball,ice-cream,cheese cake and egg tart was my favourite!!!!=)

7.A girl like to kutuk people even kutuk them till they angry me.But they knew im joking wan=D

8.Somehow im emo too sometimes.No people can even touch me if i look serious.But seldom.=)

9.And last,i am caring..hahaha.Finally promoting my caring.These words is not from me k?Almost everyone answered my survey said that i am caring!!If got any problem can find me oh,still the lou tou words jessy will always stay with you all ya...

An ordinary people still i am.Sorry for my bad point oh,i will try my best to change my bad points ya...=)

Jessy Chia Shi Chee still here!!!

nothing to do..=)

8th Oct 2008
going to college with tiring.quite worry about my paper based exam payment,scare can't attend for my exam paper because delay of the payment of the exam.Reach college very early since today got class at 2o clock.Reached college,saw my darling,stephanie and susan was stress+ing for their exam later especially stephanie was having sick that time somemore.Really afraid she will feel tak bolah tahan then 'dum' faint there that time.I was going to the first aid room and get some medicine for her actually,but i think the college really poor till no $$ to buy medicine lol.So i went to waston which near by my college and some medicine for her.aiks,hope she will past her exam ler... >.<

After my class me,pitt kuan and yen mei went to leisure mall for haircut of yen mei.went to sushi king to have our dinner after her hair cut.To be honest,her hair,got cut = tak de gunting like tat,aiks her 20 bucks jao gam mou jor lop...We went to shopping till 8something.During the shopping time,again i saw him - joshua lol.Just saw him yesterday again saw him today,but i can see his two dracula front teeth since he fall down few weeks ago and broke his two front teeth,quite nice..hahahahhaha
0241 im here to wish all of you a very good morning ya....=)
have to go sleep now lor,otherwise tmr cant wake up to skol >.< god night ya my friends.sweet dreams~

first day of skol after holiday >.<

7th Oct 2008
the first day of skol after holiday,feel like no mood to enter the class actually because the T3 & T5 class today,the boring lecture!!! >.< since i am a guai guai lui,so i attended the T3 class =D.The lecture taught 'depreciation'.The hardest topic for me but i still can handle it very well during secondary skol hehe =p.after our nice luch at old town - central market,may jean suggest to go time square aka ponteng T5 class keke =p when we just come down from the bus,i saw joshua ngam ngam wan to take his really za dou.After that may jean said go take photo sticker suddenly,so we just go like that lop.Time past very fast and how lucky are we,it is raining when we going to back college that all of us wet.

the souvenir from louie to me when he went to china last 2week oh..thanks alot ya dear

the photo sticker we took in sungei wang,louie pitt kuan and may jean.

can somebody send him to tanjung rambutan??haha.jk anyway,this is JH

holiday life without money - 4th day T.T

4 Oct 2008
Okay im sure i totally PK in this holidays ler because of spending too much ah!!!!T.T So today where i have been?

First round In the morning-went hot springs at hulu langat with my friends-Tat Seng,Kok Wei,Pitt Kuan,Chit huey and I.During the time i'm really tired in the water and my breathing were very fast that time suddenly.I scare i really just pass like this *choi touch wood!!! Better go for body check d..aiks >.<

Second round - went to leisure mall with all of them and have our nice nice lunch and then again sing k at new way!!!haha =D.So again my voice no more liao lop...keke

Third round - Went movie with my gang - Connected.Before our movie,we went to the firework which is the name of a shop for ppl 'dakei' =D.The first things we saw was many adult keep on challenging one small kid in initial-D car racing...haha.After that Tat seng and kok wei changed tokken and play 'the hammer king'.Games that you just have to hold that hammer and punch to the centre of the box.Tat seng kena challenge by one girl..haha.The girl lose many times d but still wan challenge him,so finally tat seng let her win and she happy like...haha.

Again my financial report here
Balanced b/d RM 22
+ Cash RM 20
- Meal (RM 10)
- Sing k (RM 20)
-Movie (RM 9)
Balanced c/f RM 3 :T.T:

holiday life without money-3rd day

3rd Oct 2008
Back to nx link work again..but this time i shift to other campus which is located at equine park jusco-seri kembangan.To be honest this is the first time i kena tipu from boss to work there...i regret that i promised them to work there.This was the long long story,ask me if you guys wanna know k?and Boss,you remember ya...hahaha.By the way,today were extreamly boring man,time goes very very slow like snail,just because im alone to work and no body talking with me,but luckily what i called him as strange gor gor come to my stall and ask some survey from me and we talk about 1hour haha =D the time past very fast that time ^.^

To be honest,this jusco totally better than the jusco in balakong x10!!!!seriously...The environment there were nice,although here got no cinema,but got many delicious food and the most important is it is located near by the chinese restaurant and i don't need to eat those food court things because the food court things were super expansive + super uoek!!!!

Beside this here's my financial report in this holilday..T.T

Balanced b/d RM 15
Debit cash RM 38
Credit transport (taxi from the mines to equine) (RM 16 T.T)
2meal (RM 9.50)
Marsh mellow (RM 5.50)
Balance c/f RM 22 Again no money!!!!T.T

holiday without money-2nd day

2 Oct 2008
Today went shopping at sunwau pyramid.actually im planning to go time square for movie with Jia Yuan,but since he got no mood to go out just because he never sleep for two days *sot plug ppl wahahahaha.after that mark message me tat wan go out because one of out college friend-CHAO 's birthday today ohh.Finally we planned to go sunway pyramid because two of leng lui in my college-my darling stephanie and ley gle were there.

Firstly,we went to have our nice nice lunch + har mmm cha(for stephanie and ley gle..hehe) and after that we went to red box and sing k...long time din sing man, my voice totally changed!!>.< But this is the first time i spend most money in sing k...35 bucks.Expansive man!!But what to do,second day of hari raya mah as long as our birthday boy-CHAO happy oh..(chao happy boh?haha)

Secondly,we went to Bandar Puteri food court - 928(nice to eat).This such a nice name =) Oh ya before this we've met one leng lui - Vanessa (chao's friend) at sunway oh...Nice to meet you ya girl ^.^ I never have my dinner that time oh,because i've already spend too much for today (same words,money not enough)T.T

Last,second round at Tan Cha Wu which is near by leisure to have a gathering with two friends which i never see them for 10 months d-Joon Yip aka Jorn and Zhao Ming aka Akina (miss u guys..)i met two new guy there ohh.nice to meet you ya guys.They are really funny + like to 'senka'...haha.Anyway,i enjoyed today oh.but too bad i get scold like hell from my mom because my late back and i din report to her..Sorry oh mummy T.T

The conclusion for my financial report in this holiday...

Balance b/d RM 33
Debit cash RM 30
Credit Meal for lunch RM 13
Sing k RM 35
Balance c/f RM 15 :T.T:

Chao:hope u got a happy day today ohh..HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!=)

holiday without money-1st day

1 Oct 2008
The first day of October ohh....I was extreamly tired today!!!!Again i work at my EX company back just for only one day today!!!there is only one reason for me to replace somebody's leave = GOT $$,GOT INCOME!!!yeah...But,should i happy?only one day and i've spend up 30++ bucks included my transport,my meal and other expenses.(what to do,the meal in jusco is really expansixe compare with leisure mall!!>.< ) So the conclusion was

Balanced b/d(wallet)= RM 16
+Income for today = RM 50
Transport [go and back]= (RM 9)
2Meal= (RM 14)
Other expenses [top up]= (RM 10)
Balanced c/f= RM 33

The time i going was really really late + tiring!!!!when im ready to take taxi back home,i saw my sister's car pass by out of sudden!!is out of sudden k?I just curious why she passed by earlier than me but she is the latest who reach home and even till really late,and i told my mom about this and i got a new name from my sister - 'gold finger' since she got scold from mom.Beside this,my mom worst,she don't know i work today actually and she taught i was going to college and till late night(notice:i did told her i going work ohh..),she sound me like hell.To be honest,i really dislike the way she scold me with her many dislike words....But what to do,mommy mah,have to 'forced' to tahan...*ngmmmmmm =D

a 'scary' message

29th Sept 2008
A message from yoke san that i received in this evening : sekarang ni apis (one of our classmate in my secondary school) ade dekat HUKM.DIE accident semalam...Guess what you think when you read this message?Your friend were died in the accident yesterday?Guess what you feel after you read this?Shock?I straight away call my friend and ask for details.Mana tau,DIE = DIA in their bm message short form...=.=!!!! This is extreamly sccccaaarrreee me man!!!Anyway,i've send one sms to him to confirm his not curse+ing him ohh,but just worried about him ohh.God bless that he were safe!!!Thanks god,thanks guan yin ma,thanks allah,thanks all dewa for blessing him ohh!!!Hope he will be recovering soon lop =)

By the way,29th september-su hua's birthday oh....



28 Sept 2008
i'm having holidays now.10days.Quite fun to have holiday actually,cause no class,no need study,no need to face to the books which is as thick as a brick.But somehow,i wish not to have holiday!!!!because holiday life,few sentence can decribe
planing planing planing,then go out go out go out,then no money no money no money >.< beside this, one of my course mate-louie su loy chyuan,went to china before holiday lor!!!very shuang!!!!belum holiday then go take holiday secara sendirian berhad.ENVY YOU LOR BROTHER!!!!but make sure u bought some souvenir for us ya... one place you visit for each souvenir wor...XD Anyway,during this holiday,the lecture gave us a lot of homework.Got to complete all my homework before going out gai gai, Well,deeparaya coming soon.hope everybody enjoy these holiday too ya...and
Enjoy your holiday ya!!!=)

you are not forgotten =)

27 Sept 2008
Again,today someone's birthday...Many friends ask me: why you got so many friends wan?Always heard you said got friend birthday.okay,i know im famous la,don't say i 'sai meng'.Sorry lor.....
By the way,3 of my friends birthday today oh....

you guy's birthday are not forgotten oh...happy boh?hehe =)Anyway,a funny letter i found in somewhere,just show you all here...hehe

TO CHAN CHIN YEE:good luck in your spm this year ohh...

TO JOSHUA: hope you enjoy your form 6 life ya...

TO YUN HAO:all the best in your work k?

3of you,TAKE CARE

Moodless ---> moodfull!!! ^.^

woke up at 8 o clock today.later than the normal time i wake up,but still feel sleepy.maybe i never rest early gua...obviously laa..aiyo.reached college and straight away get ready for my test ler...login my acca registration number to the computer coz this is the computer based exam.Hows the exam?one words can describe.HARD!!!!70 out of 100 was theory and mostly was the computer basic theory >.< Luckily i can answer some of the calculation part and finally i pass the test!!!! Thank you for all your blessing ya my friends especially mr wu gui,thank you for your blessng,thank you for staying with me since yesterday until the time i going to sit for the test oh!!!appreciate ur wishing!!^.^


25 Sept 2008
moodless....Why?My answer is don't know!!feel like 'beh song' in everythings even cant concentrate in class much,(trying my beat to concentrate in class d)i knew today i made my friends really beh song in my attitute today,sorry my friends,is it too late to apologise?Anyway,i will cheer up as i can.don't worry oh mr wu gui,i still remember what u told me!!=)
By the way,countdown for exam...8hours and 40minutes more!!!! *gulps My 1st paper in this course,mr wu gui accompany me the whole day today and i do accompany him since he not in a good mood today too.Thanks for accompany me the whole day oh... x)
Beside this,we-the whole CAT student celebrating ah boon's birthday today which her birthday is in this coming friday.
HAPPY18 th EARLIER BIRTHDAY CHIA BOON HOI!!! good luck in your CAT paper ya!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


23 Sept 2008
Never on9 for two days.My friends keep asking me to on9 this two days but,the problem is not with me oh,is my sister siao go and set passwords in the laptop....sorry lor my friends...^^
Anyway,two people birthday today ohh...
For the 17th birthday boy,he was sitting his trial exam now ohh....all the best ya..i support you here!!^.^ hehe.While for the 20th birthday guy,he was enjoying his holiday after his exam now...(so shuang loo,ppl going to sit for exam later d but he staying at home and relaxing)
Well,exam this thursday >.< yet i haven't refer to my book any pages of not geng actually,but.....aiks hope i will pass my paper.God bless


A wonderful weekend today which i going out with my college friends.i follow them to play basketball and i was their "manager" who take care of them.hahahaha.louie came to my house fetch me and we went to bandar tasik selatan to fecth two of the friends because mark's mercedez not able to fetch those who are heavy (as JH said,got golden elephant mah,sure overweight wan.hehe).Then we going to bukit angsana and they enjoy their game.During the game,there is providing massage service for certain people,so good them.~.~

After their nice basketball game,we going to Pulau Ketam and have our delicious dinner.Some people will say: siao a u,go pulau ketam just for dinner?Ya, i going pulau ketem for dinner but not siao,coz pulau ketam is just only the steamboat restaurant's name.For me,this restaurant is meaningful,although we fighting for food,even fight till the table were messy,we kidding for everyone till some don't what we talking about.Example:underground.haha,but we having our happy memories there.More photo about today will be upload soon,because the photo not with me now..

P/S : To you all,im happy today oh..thankyou for having this sweet memory with me ohh..^.^
手牵手一步两步三步走进underground....(will always remember this part of song which edited by JH =p )
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