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Saturday, October 25, 2008


22 Oct 2008
What happen to me oh???why i look so blur today?

First - Forgot to take money from momy after few minutes ask her when i almost reach the bus stop.I'm wondering how i gonna take bus without any single CENT?!?!No money then how can i have my lunch?and buy fishball?!?!?haha.By the way luckily daddy send mummy to the bus stop and pass to me,otherwise i can't do those things above..keke.thank you daddy mommy.

Second - Nearly got knock down by a green taxi which was just roughly 50cm++ away from me when i cross the road today.which probably make me to hospital?or in the coffin maybe?and NO NEED TO SIT FOR MY CBE EXAM TOMORROW?!? ***touchwood*** That is why i don't dare+scare to cross the road alone and even with my friends even though i have already double confirm there's no any car on the road today and i duno when the taxi appeared beside me >.< Anyway,thank god for saving my life today oh...

Third - Cant't do revision for my cbe exam tomorrow.So will i fail my exam tomorrow?hope would not be like that...

Beside this,would like to wish my CAT classmate those who sitting their CBE tomorrow,all the best and good luck ya~ AND my best primary school classmate -wen hui's birthday today

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