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Friday, October 24, 2008


A wonderful weekend today which i going out with my college friends.i follow them to play basketball and i was their "manager" who take care of them.hahahaha.louie came to my house fetch me and we went to bandar tasik selatan to fecth two of the friends because mark's mercedez not able to fetch those who are heavy (as JH said,got golden elephant mah,sure overweight wan.hehe).Then we going to bukit angsana and they enjoy their game.During the game,there is providing massage service for certain people,so good them.~.~

After their nice basketball game,we going to Pulau Ketam and have our delicious dinner.Some people will say: siao a u,go pulau ketam just for dinner?Ya, i going pulau ketem for dinner but not siao,coz pulau ketam is just only the steamboat restaurant's name.For me,this restaurant is meaningful,although we fighting for food,even fight till the table were messy,we kidding for everyone till some don't what we talking about.Example:underground.haha,but we having our happy memories there.More photo about today will be upload soon,because the photo not with me now..

P/S : To you all,im happy today oh..thankyou for having this sweet memory with me ohh..^.^
手牵手一步两步三步走进underground....(will always remember this part of song which edited by JH =p )

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