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Saturday, October 25, 2008

first day of skol after holiday >.<

7th Oct 2008
the first day of skol after holiday,feel like no mood to enter the class actually because the T3 & T5 class today,the boring lecture!!! >.< since i am a guai guai lui,so i attended the T3 class =D.The lecture taught 'depreciation'.The hardest topic for me but i still can handle it very well during secondary skol hehe =p.after our nice luch at old town - central market,may jean suggest to go time square aka ponteng T5 class keke =p when we just come down from the bus,i saw joshua ngam ngam wan to take his really za dou.After that may jean said go take photo sticker suddenly,so we just go like that lop.Time past very fast and how lucky are we,it is raining when we going to back college that all of us wet.

the souvenir from louie to me when he went to china last 2week oh..thanks alot ya dear

the photo sticker we took in sungei wang,louie pitt kuan and may jean.

can somebody send him to tanjung rambutan??haha.jk anyway,this is JH

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