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Saturday, October 25, 2008

holiday without money-1st day

1 Oct 2008
The first day of October ohh....I was extreamly tired today!!!!Again i work at my EX company back just for only one day today!!!there is only one reason for me to replace somebody's leave = GOT $$,GOT INCOME!!!yeah...But,should i happy?only one day and i've spend up 30++ bucks included my transport,my meal and other expenses.(what to do,the meal in jusco is really expansixe compare with leisure mall!!>.< ) So the conclusion was

Balanced b/d(wallet)= RM 16
+Income for today = RM 50
Transport [go and back]= (RM 9)
2Meal= (RM 14)
Other expenses [top up]= (RM 10)
Balanced c/f= RM 33

The time i going was really really late + tiring!!!!when im ready to take taxi back home,i saw my sister's car pass by out of sudden!!is out of sudden k?I just curious why she passed by earlier than me but she is the latest who reach home and even till really late,and i told my mom about this and i got a new name from my sister - 'gold finger' since she got scold from mom.Beside this,my mom worst,she don't know i work today actually and she taught i was going to college and till late night(notice:i did told her i going work ohh..),she sound me like hell.To be honest,i really dislike the way she scold me with her many dislike words....But what to do,mommy mah,have to 'forced' to tahan...*ngmmmmmm =D

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