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Saturday, February 28, 2009

the first "night"

Date : 27th FEBRUARY 2009
Venus : FTMS college level 5 VC room

This is the first time i attend prom night.This prom night is organized by our FTMS student council.Although the prom night is having in the hall but not as other's in what what hotel,but our prom night was special.FULLY BY COLLEGE!haha XD furthermore i didn't spend any single cent on my costume,just wear what i already have,but my mom sound me when i back home coz she said i look kinda old in that costume >.<
my dress that day.with susan =)

Arrived college at 1 o'clock because i have class in the afternoon.I was wearing as normal before the prom night.Meet up with stephanie chau(the new intake of CAT in january)
after our class separately and we locked our self inside the toilet for close to one hour. XD

beware of him!!!he enter ladies toilet don't know do what oso!!him....and gay LOL

Unexpected that was our events have many of the performance i love was the beep box which performed by gibe-our new intake of CAT too but same batch as me.It is a last minute performance coz we request him to do beep box on the step.In case of the last minute performance,he apologised that he have not prepare for today and he sang a song for us.His voice is soft man and the emcee even said he can "lam" all the girl there with his "lam" voice.haha XD

We camwhore after the event but we did not spend much in there because everyone is super duple hungry.Many thanks to our Mr. President Kiven la,plan our dinner time to the end of the event. >.<
the new students from china.
some of them taking Hotel Management and some of them were ACCA student woh.

kenny chew and me

me,susan and mr iswan-the Mr,FTMS in this year

Alex,Jessy,Kenny Lim and Susan

Alex and i

Kenny Lim
With my dear,susan

Miss secretary-jessy and Mr president-kiven
he obviously band down and suit my height loo
kiven u apa maksud ah?!?!
the 1st perze winner in lucky draw for this year,darwin and me

The prom ended very early because we worried about the student's transport back because some of them were stay ver far from college.After the dinner in the college then susan's brother send us back.Seriously this event is more successfull than the deeparaya event last year because the organiser were us and our responsible president but not mazakazu.the president,kiven played his roll very well and i knew he is so tired after this event.thanks everyone ohh =)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

stroke =(

Today came to college a little bit early because of following dad's car to leisure mall bus station

then one of the lecturer told me that our T7 class will be delay from 2 o clock to 2.30 in the afternoon.

who knows our T7 lecturer came to the class at 3something.
She explained that she had a emergency problem about her boyfriend.
her boyfriend had minor stroke.
and is about 2days ago d.
which they went for 3 clinics for the treatment,injection and all the stuff before
the doctors only said is just allergic in sea food,small matter
and both doctors gave injections and medicines only
the 2nd doctors worst
"you want some injection isit?ok i give you" =.= what kind of doctor is he?!

until they went to the 3rd clinic and the doctor told them he having a minor stroke
luckily he just need to take rest for few weeks at home

the doctor said he might feeling very stress in either lecturing or studying
furthermore he stay in the cold environment for long long time = my college >.<

So my friends...
don't be too stress always.
when you are stress in studying or everything
please take some rest.
drink a cup of water to relax.

when you feel cold
please wear sweater.
be better bring your sweater out always.
don't get cold oh.
I don't want my friends to become another HIM.
and he is only 25 or 26 year old
the doctor said one of the case is almost same as him.
and the patient is only 15 year old. >.<

so friends....
please take good care of yourself ohh...

hope he will be heal quickly... >.<

to those who knew the lecturer.
please don't tell him about this ah.... XD

Monday, February 23, 2009


didn't update my blog for few days jor...
have been busy for work.
i found a part time job,work as a waitress.
but these few days i found the second part time job,
the kind of job i dislike,work as a production sales.
although alot of people recommend me to work in this
but i prefer customers come to find me rather than i stand for many hours to find customer ><
but have to work hard in order to pay back the stupid indian girl
no choice loo...
luckily it is a road show and only for 3days ^.^
and i could earn more than 150bucks these 3days in only 15hours!!!
but seriously it is very tired.
just imagine how you gonna survive in 2 job in a day
and i think i almost get to relief the insomnia king-shaun
sleep for only 3hours man!!!
still can stand up to 13hours the next day somemore
geng mou?but legs almost break..
mutant will appearing in FTMS soon XD

by the way,i did enjoy the time i work with my "part time" collegue during these 3days
although work until
legs so pain
shoulder so pain
and even my eyes turn to red
but atleast i got my own income
unlike SOMEONE
siapa makan cili dia yang rasa pedas laa... =D
Although i can make more and more sales according to my ability in these 3days actually
but sometimes really malas wan mah..
once you malas then you sure got no motivation to hit target d mah...
agree?agree leh? XD

took this after the event yesterday
some of the staff had "interview" him.
and someone told me his name is...

just read it bah... XD

yesterday keira a.k.a the naughty ethan boy's sister birthday.
Didn't take the chance to wish her face to face also.
sorry ya
anyway,jie jie wishing you


Thursday, February 19, 2009


so wintermelon = 冬瓜

so watermelon = 水瓜


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sushi zanmai

i know it is late to post this...
but still have to post...
goos things i will always share with all of you =)

last tuesday
im so bored staying at home...
badan gatal go college just for fun....
the super free gang asked to go mid valley....
since i got no class on tat day,
and all of them except ah fai were finish their class on tat day
so join them lop...
the super gang on that day was...
jia hao,eugene,kar fai,kenny chew,ley gle and me...

before going to mid valley
jia hao ask kar fai to join us
which he is having class on that time...
jia hao is extreamly bad to ask him for skip the class
somemore teach him tell lie to the lecturer
and he did... =.=

took ktm to mid valley
guys went to play pool jor...
whereas me and ley gle just hanging around.

headed to the garden after the pool games...
went sushi zanmai
first time go there
same to everyone of us...
serious to say that
the sushi there is nicer than sushi king's
even cheaper than there...
and you can see some different sushi there that you can't see in sushi king...

sushi zanmai

the sushi roll
jia hao ordered this...
and his comment is...
good....till he wanna ordered some more XD

i only ordered some and this is one of it..
how is the taste just look at my face...
yummy yummy ^.^

jh and kenny

ley gle with her california roll...

and next photo time for us... XD
ley gle,eugene and kar fai

the 3 of us..
me kenny and jia hao

back home after sushi meal
coz it is extreamly late that time....
kena sound by my mum that day back home ><

Monday, February 16, 2009

my CAT result is coming out today!!!

Went to college early the morning because of the T10 class in the morning...
As i know,today my CAT paper 5 result will coming out in the afternoon soon..
Well,to be honest...
I have already expected
I will fail my paper 5
You guys couldn't say i got no confident about this at all
Although alot of ppl support me,stay with me during the exam time
and even said will bring me gai gai or treat me eat if i pass the exam
but the question really looks die when i read it ><

When the lecture class goes until half, the lecturer suddenly say,
”oh ya,today the result coming out,you all can check it out from the uncle in library ”
After she finished her words, then she is pretty kind to let us go library and check for our result.
We gather in front of the little pc.The feeling is like you waiting for a sentence.
the first person who check his result is mark...
he got 84 for his T5
next will be yeoh
he got 49 (congrats to both of them)
and my turn after him...
The moment i type my ID and password is damn slow.
i cried... T.T
almost the whole college saw my crying face
i never say anything and just hug stephanie and susan...

i know you guys wanna see my result..
don't how to say..
just see bah...

The Association of
Chartered Certified Accountants
2 Central Quay 89 Hydepark Street
Glasgow G3 8BW UK
Tel: +44 (0)141 582 2000 Fax: +44 (0)141 582 2222


Miss Chia Shi Chee

No 25 Jalan 19
Taman Murni Cheras
Batu 9

Examination Results
Your examination results for the December 2008 session issued on 16-FEB-09 are:

Paper Details Mark(%) Result
T5 Mng Pple & Sys 40 Pass

I was surprised when i look at the result,till i can cried.
i thought i was dreaming.
this is just like what i wrote in my christmas wishlist-can pass all my CAT paper especially T5
Although i just passing with the cukup makan marks..
but can still crying like hell
im satisfying with my result!!!!
i will still appreciate those who send regards to me ohh....
firstly thanks to my parents for paying my exam fees..
thanks buddha for blessing me with this result
my ex classmate,louie thank you very much for sending regards to me.till now i haven't delete the message.
thanks shih wei with the funny message that sent to me in msn
thank you all my FTMS college friends who wish me.
thank you yoke san,eng hong,miinyee,poh lin,jia yuan,joshua,michelle,simon,wee xiang,wei kien,kee yun,suet yin,su hua,lai mui....
all of you were giving this award.....
for those i never list up their name..
thank you for the good luck wishes ohh...

im so relax today...
just imagine how will you feel if you carried a 1000kg stone very long and let go it in a minute time...

and for those who promised me something...
im still remember what you all owed me... XD

Next, sorry to my friend who is just one step to apart from the safety zone.
You tend to be strong enough in front of us.
But how you feel deep in your heart we all know.
what i wanted to say is you have already done your very good job oh...
no matter how we will still be by side to support you k? =)

And for those who have already in the safety zone....
here im to wishing all of you
congratulation!! =D

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day


how you celebrate your valentine day this year?
mine was awesome!!!!
every year in this day
im either work or staying at home...
but this year...
someone date me out!
but not boy boy oso
nvm la,atleast someone willing to spend his time with me. hehe ^.^
many thanks to him ya =)
for those who spend the time alone....
i think they are singing...
"lonely...i feel so lonely...i have nobody...."
do not worry,soon will be your turn to celebrate with ur lover..

you know what is happening in the afternoon today?
i got accident!!!!! with a bike
and i should pay anything somemore although both are wrong.
coz the driver were injured. ><
no choice loo....
send her to ukm for her body checkup
although we knew her hand and leg is just a bit swollen
going to the hospital is just to reconfirm how was she injured
luckily she never says wan go pantai hospital
otherwise....the body checkup not only RM 90 that less *gulps
don't know today is a good day o a bad day ><
by the way,im ok without any injuries..
so don't worry my friends =)

Went to pavilion after the accident for the movie...
and im totally late to there!!!
wan him to wait me very very looong...
feel guilty to him ><
so sorry ler....
Well,we watched this....

underworld,rise of the lycan

this is nice if you guys watch back the first and the second part.... =)
too bad we missed the first scenes ><
but the girl-sonya in the movie kinda pretty.hehe XD

Finish movie and it is around 7....
walk around time square and called anyone who can fetch me back in their convenient place
and they are kok wei and the gang....
but dinner before we back...
knew a new friend named ryan
he stay nearby my house so thats why he is able to send me back...haha
anyway nice to meet you ya
went to pudu and eat..
i just ordered a ABC to eat
coz somebody said my saiz never change at all
(what?!?!ppl have already slim lor..alot of ppl say so okkay?? XD )

saw 3 flowers on my piano
two red and one pink...
my sister's boy friend brought for her...
sengaja back to kl from singapore just to celebrate valentine with her..
bahagianya my sister..
envy her leh!!!

if you were boy,will you do that to your girl?? =)

by the way
just find out who is the guy who date me out today....
猜中没奖!!!! XD

Friday, February 13, 2009

3rd of feb - nin cho kao

nothing to do atfirst on that day...
since my class have not start yet....
somehow now
i hope my class can start quickly or earlier that time
coz im darn boring la!!!! ><
but then someone safe me from the boring day..
nicky invited me to his house
then go loo...
since got ppl fetch me to there
and i won't boring at home
so about 1 o clock he come to my house and fetch me to there

In the evening,lai mui called me for joining them to the dinner
as usual
we will meet one day and go for lou sang during the cny every year...
but this year a bit special
we are not going the small restaurant nearby our area
we going janbo
the serdang branch
big restaurant!!!

lou sang!!
this is onli on the plate.
u guy never see hows the table messing XD

the messing table after lou sang..haha

wan curi tangkap me is not easy de lai mui...haha
chit huey and lai mui

and lastly...the bill RM441.53

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

chu liu-angpao hunting day

Woke up at 7 sharp today and for the date with the perimbun gang at 9
Help mommy for sweeping the floor early the morning (what to do?guai lui mah XD )
then preparing for out.
We are promised to gather at SJKC batu 9-our primary school
Arrived there at 9 sharp.i thought im the late ppl coz im the only one who take bus and the rest either drive themselves or parents send them
mana tau....
im the earliest =.=
all of them were late to there..
seriously i got no any idea what to do to let the time past quickly
and suddenly i found this when i walked to the pondok and take a rest

the race car with the special wheel and the owner didn't wash the car..
very dirty XD


Everyone arrived finally...
went for breakfast nearby our primary school while thinking whose house will be the first to visit....
After everyone's advice,the cartoon houses will be the first we visit.
Went to visit poh lin at first....
Next sit ping and after that kock weng.....
Stay at kock weng house longer coz of the very "good" weather
kock weng treat us eat his chocolate which his brother brought in different country
my favourite weih...
but i only eat dark and mint chocolate normally...
When i saw this.....

i am interested to these...
the chocolate which contained alcohol drink inside
vodka somemore

kock weng treat me these all chocolate

kock weng treat me these all chocolate woh...
and he allow me to bring back home if i can't finish it
of course i can't la
u tot im bandaraya queen? ><
but it is tasty...
till now i still haven't finish my chocolate yet =)

we gamble at kock weng's there
Never left the words "gamble" due to this chinese new year ><
thank god gave us the heavy rain there
otherwise i will not win that much XD

Next station,May Yen-the patient's house
and kin soon's after that....
next after kin soon's was chit huey's
the friend we never forget to visit in every year..
but who knows she gave us this "rewards"...
the bak gua which is full of spores!!!!!
what the.......
really za dou jor... =.=
and the last station was the iuan and iang's family(what i mean is the twins XD )
Finally,back home at 7something with the fully water in the stomach...
however,i collected many angpao on that through visiting my friends... =)

初三 & 初四

finally back to kl on the third day of chinese new year
then clean up my house since im not in this house about 4days
sure dirty liao..

forth day
just make it short cut coz lazy to write

afternoon-went to dang wangi for making payment about thr ACCA annual fee
the value on that day was RM 5.1 per pounds
after that,went to visit my cousin and the family who stay at near leisure mall
get a lots of red packet ^.^
then gamble again with cousin from singapore
finally i lose 10++ bucks
and her husband won abt 60++ bucks
yet he still not ernough =.=
but my cousin gave me angpao ^.^

have you see angpao got that small?
it just look like azimat
this is from my cousin ^.^

we wen back early coz my uncle will coming to my house later.
and i saw this out of sudden and snap it....

what is minnie mouse gonna do with this?? makan? XD

Monday, February 9, 2009

cho 2

early the morning,i fetch my grandpa and my sister to have breakfast.
first time drive in the kampung place
you think kampung area more safety than kl?
no no no...the malay ppl like to sat gei mou san appear in front of you geh =.=
so it is dangerous k?
but im a driver yang berhemah,so they are not worry.hehe

back to home....
yeah!!finally SOMEONE are back to hometown.
and it just a few mintues..
my house become a taska..
suddenly got alots of children....
but they are cute.. ^.^
i only got few pictures of them...

this is my aunt,leng lui mah?she is four children's mother d

my forth kao fu's youngest daughter-racheal eyu,she is from singapore

jia yuan's member a.k.a fish.haha anyway this is my aunt's daughter ^.^

finally someone ask us to gamble and even a 8 years old boy =.=
walao,they like take their all harta to gamble with me.
but finally all the money inside my pocket d... XD
one of my cousin lose 20 bucks and my grandpa lose 10 ++ bucks to me
and i won RM 40 on that day.
gave 3bucks to my little cousin.(kind leh??hahaha)

after dinner,my cousins from Singapore went back early
The CNY mood also haven't come but they had to attend for school ady..
furthermore their parents have to work the next morning..
Singapore school not like Malaysia's school..
Can take holiday secara sendirian berhad...
and same to the office too...
somemore my uncle is the manager there....
pity the children can't play so much

so my house become quiet again
yet my grandparents very happy
coz their very good grandaughter help them to massage
somemore wan book whose turn first.swt

few minutes ago,my bro were back from muar for visiting his frens
he bought the famous food in muar-otak otak
this otak otak kinda special...
special otak~
special making process~
special spicy =.=
spicy dou cannot tahan

since my brother bought a lot of Firecrackers before chinese new year
so we decide to 'kacau' the road till the those who pass by here can't really see the road.. haha
but some firecrackers is for whose over 18.haha
dun say after 18 not good.
sometimes can get more benefit too geh...haha

Sunday, February 8, 2009

cho 1


Happy chinese New Year!!


MAN SI YU YI!!!^.^
hope all of you get bless with plentiful of good health and prosperity ^.^

Happy chinese new year ar....
i know it is super duple triple late...
please forgive me ler... >< style="color: rgb(255, 204, 51); font-weight: bold;"> johor.
the very kampung area-parit yaani,yong peng there...
know?don't know leh.. XD
by the way....
this year cny kinda boring for me...
coz less ppl back hometown this year..
unless my unclessss yang belum kahwin.. (when ah when a?)
but they chao sooooo early with fren...
and they back home soooo early tim...
normally new year eve we ady....
hoi toi gamble!!
but this year...
even first day of cny
everyone still diam diam...
no body start gamble =.=
and the only only thing can do is..
SLEEP!!! =.=

However,i follow my parents to visit my relatives...

too free til wan perasan a bit an snap photo
anyway this is me at my relatives house. ^.^
the true me ok!!!

another shot in the same house..hehe
time to back loo...

since im guai lui,so i will obey the undang-tie seat belt..^.^
otherwise kena saman RM 300 leh!!!! *gulps

Back home...again....sleep =.=

Sunday, February 1, 2009

update randomly

Quite some time I left this blog not updated. Sorry to keep you all waiting oh
this is just because....pc burned =.=
no pc for one week more!!!!!!boring daoooooo ><

23rd Jan
the first movie with yen chea and kok wei only...
NO TATSENG ANYMORE if going out with these gang....
read my post before and u will know XD
ok come back to the related topic
went out for this movie with two of them at pavillio....

red cilff 2.we watched korea version..hahaha

quite nice the movie....haha
Before movie,we decided to walk around pavillion
and there's a few great performance at night which organized by pavillion

the performance...
in case im far to the stage so can't take photo it clearly.
hope you all forgive me lop... ><

24th Jan
A very good driver fetch the familly to here to there the whole day today.
Siapa driver tu?i know you all sangat pandai,for sure you all can guess it de...haha XD

fast forward to night time....
get ready to pack things for back hometown at midnight.
neh,the brother siao la,dun wan back early eventhough he done his work in the afternoon.
but luckily im not the driver that time hehe.really tired that day,furthermore im sick on that few days.sick before chinese new year is charm you know?
can't eat too much of junk food during the chinese new year ><
since i ate medicine in the car,so for sure i will rest inside it... =)

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