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Saturday, October 25, 2008

holiday life without money - 4th day T.T

4 Oct 2008
Okay im sure i totally PK in this holidays ler because of spending too much ah!!!!T.T So today where i have been?

First round In the morning-went hot springs at hulu langat with my friends-Tat Seng,Kok Wei,Pitt Kuan,Chit huey and I.During the time i'm really tired in the water and my breathing were very fast that time suddenly.I scare i really just pass like this *choi touch wood!!! Better go for body check d..aiks >.<

Second round - went to leisure mall with all of them and have our nice nice lunch and then again sing k at new way!!!haha =D.So again my voice no more liao lop...keke

Third round - Went movie with my gang - Connected.Before our movie,we went to the firework which is the name of a shop for ppl 'dakei' =D.The first things we saw was many adult keep on challenging one small kid in initial-D car racing...haha.After that Tat seng and kok wei changed tokken and play 'the hammer king'.Games that you just have to hold that hammer and punch to the centre of the box.Tat seng kena challenge by one girl..haha.The girl lose many times d but still wan challenge him,so finally tat seng let her win and she happy like...haha.

Again my financial report here
Balanced b/d RM 22
+ Cash RM 20
- Meal (RM 10)
- Sing k (RM 20)
-Movie (RM 9)
Balanced c/f RM 3 :T.T:

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