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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Mark's blog wrote that how good am i leh!!!so proud you praising me like that,but u said that i somewhat a tomboy!!apa la,people girl forever ookay???mau kena tumbuk ka??x)However,i still think i am not good enough ohh *humble me?din see u say i am humble??haha.but anyway thank you for praising me like that ya *proud proud
By the way you kinda free in this raya holiday wor...tak nampak you study pun,CBE AROUND THE CORNER you know????

Here's the crap-about-yourself-tag! x)

Write few statements about yourself

1.As everyone know,i'm friendly enough...hahahahaha.I love to mix around and make new friends,even can go it crazy easily with my friends sometimes.keke x)

2.I am such a cheerful people.the words from me was 'everything will be fine if you think it positively'.To be a cheerful person is good or bad?i don't know =)

3.I always talk loudly i know =p.People had already change a lot in this bad habit lar,sorry lorrrr.. xp

4.I dislike people to slander me.If that is fact then just say out k?Don't try to plan many things and fitnah me oh..=p

5.I really can't let go of someone who had manage to enter my heart, my life easily. I know eventually everyone leaves. I know that. But it is hard for me to let go someone sometimes.

6.The girl who always likes to eat eat eat especially chocolate,fishball,ice-cream,cheese cake and egg tart was my favourite!!!!=)

7.A girl like to kutuk people even kutuk them till they angry me.But they knew im joking wan=D

8.Somehow im emo too sometimes.No people can even touch me if i look serious.But seldom.=)

9.And last,i am caring..hahaha.Finally promoting my caring.These words is not from me k?Almost everyone answered my survey said that i am caring!!If got any problem can find me oh,still the lou tou words jessy will always stay with you all ya...

An ordinary people still i am.Sorry for my bad point oh,i will try my best to change my bad points ya...=)

Jessy Chia Shi Chee still here!!!

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