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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

to the two....

the second birthday wishes for these two big guy...
since i post the first at one year ago..
they are...
Tan Eng Hong and Tan Yu Shaun (the two telur =.=)


and have a safety flight to yu shaun today since he are flying to russia tonight for further study.

Friday, September 18, 2009


i really beh tahan ady la!!!!!!!!!!!!

why you got no any single improvement on your attitude?
you are not as young as few years ago....
as many old people said
don't you know everyone is worry about you....
especially them...
you tend to be silent
you tend to tell lies
but just think before you tell lies
don't you know these words "today you tell a lie,the day after this you need to tell another lie to cover the first lie."????
can't you be honest to them??
as a friend what i can do now is to advise you thats it.
but you don't even listen what i advise
even put ppl into the pool
even wan SOMEONE to disturb ppl.....
excuse me,people have to work too...
you don't your things by your own somemore you go disturb people.....
i can only end up here..
please think of others before you think of yourself.....

P/S: i don't know whether YOU (for those who is reading im not talking about you) are reading o not
i just want to spread out my feeling

Thursday, September 17, 2009



yummy yummy...
enjoying my very nice cheese cake in the office now....
it taste really ichibang!!!!!!
that is why i love cheese cake alots...
coz it is also one of my smile indulgence... ^.^
yum yum

although the taste is not same as the cheesecake i ate since 9 years ago..
still remeber the taste....
yoke mun ah...
when your mom can made a cheesecake for me leh???? >.<

Monday, September 7, 2009

Attention to Miss Khoo Lai Mui!!!!

one year before de today.......
i post a photo and post the very very special birthday post to her.....
and even someone praise her leng lui....
what to do, this is the fact mah...
and this today de this year..
i will post many many photo and write many many things in this post......

a total 7 years friend between me and her....
of course between these many many year,we have alot of memories
and these all memories were taking down through the very high class digital camera.
let just see....

we swim together....
but we don't bath together xD
(took after swimming at venice hill)

we graduated from our secondary school together...

we celebrating pitt kuan's birthday together.

we lou sang together in this year..

until the bill almost 'bao'

we celebrate our ji mui-chit huey's birthday together.

we celebrated iuan & iang's birthday..

we teman catherine married from kl to pantai remis

we drank beer together during cat's wedding dinner...

we 'jump' together at the beach...

we celebrate my birthday together...
she was the organizer on that day
she was my driver on that day too.....

all of the laught and happiness were non stop.....
and now.
the 09/09/09
it is the turn for us to celebrate with her...

Chit huey's birthday-we went to have bbq steamboat
Iuan Iang's birthday-we went to have steamboat
while My birthday-we went to steak corner
and HER-khoo lai mui's birthday--we went to have PAOZ.. =.=
not only pao actually,there is some dim sum and smack too.Just the pao in the restaurant is quite famous.

went to buy a cake for the sao sing POH then just wait all of them to reach.
The venue in this celebration were at e-shi wu you (e-食无优)near leisure mall there.
for me the environment there is quite ok.
you can consider to work there coz they need full & part time now xD
then we went to connaught pasar malam for the second round.

jessY and jessI.

chit huey,pitt kuan jessi and seow iuan

fast fast thank to the professional photographer-me xD

finally she can took photo with iang..
in fact that her phone will off straight when she wanted to take photo with iang.. xD

her cake..
not tat nice actually..
sorry girls,pls forgive me for buying this cake

overall the picture i uploaded here about her,
we can take a conclusion for this few years
yet she is still no any changes
still that dark xD
just joking...anyway,stil have to say...


may all your wishes come true true true ya..
p/s: for those guys who wants her number just ask from me wor.. xD

more more and more birthday upload coming soon...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

the road not taken

Seriously i don't know how to choose my way...
i'm actually thinking to resign this job and find another audit company which has better offer for me

One of the reason was i afraid that i can't cover my economic coz company is giving me a quite low salary pay.
thanks god that i could able to cover my economic due that i have few days of Overtime and traveling allowance.but started this month they won't giving any overtime anymore due to the past of the peak season.Therefore i can only stay in the office for 9 hours(included breaks) and just ciao after 5.30.

Other than that, i'm applying for audit assistant/tax assistant actually, but recently they don't allocate similar job for me and they just ask me to help for admin works.This happened since i'm back from Bonia internal audit with Mr. Ho. They didn't tell me the reason why this and that and just ask me to do whatever they asked. Before this i just walking around the office and ask ppl for works.right now luckily my manager - Miss Chua ask me to help her to complete our own company's account with her so that im not a super free girl in the office just walking around like so poh.

The most important is i always need to rush to class from office with the very traffic jam time.
Normally one of my colleague are willing to send me to pandan jaya LRT station.But it is quite jam when we want to turn in shamelin perkasa.I always late to the class after i bought my dinner with one minute time.Sometimes im lucky coz the lecturer haven't class the class yet.I wonder hwo i going to survive when i go to ACCA time. >.< i wish to work in the company which is slightly near by the any LRT station.

But there is some benefit in this company too.The company provide any claiming expenses which we spend in the office or for audit,tax purpose like medical claim,traveling allowance, overtime,meal allowance when we are at out station, adn etc.My company do have attendance incentive for the will pay incentive for the staff in monthly basis when they are coming to work.

My company has a office pantry too.We can have some hot drinks when we feel sleepy and this is all spent by office.Apart from that,my company do have refreshment for staff during every staff's birthday. Although
company giving a low salary pay to me, but here is a good audit pratical office actually.No matter big company or small one,dormant or high profit company.You can have a good practical there.

this is why i can't choose my road now. =.=
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