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Saturday, October 25, 2008

late + tiring

I think todays's lunch for me will be my latest lunch i've never have...5o clock,should be lunch or tea or DINNER?!?!?!hahahaha.XD Anyway,i went for lunch today with mr kura kura at Time Square.Its kinda late cause he going to visit his teacher in HUKM and the way he went here was very long.(nvm la last time he wait me,now my turn to wait him... XD)

Before his appearence and i was reaching quite early,so i went for shopping somemore windows wan...kaka.I desire to buy some clothes and pants actually,but not i don't wan to buy,the problem is i got no any feeling of shopping,no any single shirt that i like.somehow why those guys like to say girls are crazy in shopping.excause me,im not ookay??=D So our lunch will be at KFC.The time we leave KFC,almost forget to take my phone which i put on the table.lucky me...blek.=p

Damn tired today,fall asleep in the bus somemore just now.quite pack in the bus actually and someone was lost his phone in the bus just now.pity pity. >.<

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