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Saturday, October 25, 2008

all the best!!

12 Oct 2008
The important days for for form 3 student after this, VERY IMPORTANT!!SUPER IMPORTANT!!! *what is so excited me? lol - PMR was coming soooooooon..really soon d,but ur freedom soon too,relax lar you all not like me exam again in end of this month >.<

I am here to wish all of you ALL THE BEST IN YOUR PMR!! this is the only words i can say here,*takkan you all want me to help you all to answer your pmr paper right??hahahahahaha.Anyway,those who not yet sleep now,please rest now otherwise you just imagine that you can't wake up early the morning to sit for your exam? choi,touch wood! =D

Em,best wishes for:

~All PMR student especially from Perimbun
~My dearest RC junior-Sin Nee,try your best to hit your target k?i know ur target= straight A's ^.^
~My KH student for one day-Chit Fei
~Mey Ling from CBN,gayao oh...=)
~Pitt kuan's sister - Pitt Mun,do your best oh.. ;)
~Joshua,Simon and my Chin Woo buddy-Wee Xiang,although they are not pmr student but their F6 final exam will be on next week,dun too stress k?x)
~CAT student,will taking their CBE exam end of this month & next month,remember to take good care of yourself oh...
~Henry,will having his final in australia after 3weeks,rest a while if u feel stress ya.bah kata perpatah,REST is to go further on the way =D

Too many ppl to wish ady...keke..for those who i din wish..sorry oh,too many frens d.i am here to wish you all good luck in ur life ya.. =)

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