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Monday, October 27, 2008


Slept at 2something with jay's new song-给我一首歌的时间(give me the time of one song)
Woke up with a call from kok wei,2 missed call from chit huey,2 missed call from kok wei and 4 new message. -.- never got these much of new event in once in my phone before,they wanted to call me out for 'hang kai'.So again,i become very very poor T.T can anybody give me some money???=( I choosed to go movie with chit huey and the gang-daniel,pak hoe and jason at balakng jusco.Watch The House Of Bunny.

After the movie,they decided to go daniel's house,because of many games to play for GUYS.Aiks what to do,guys are always like to play game.bluek =p His mom was soooo nice and she cooked western food for us to eat.So nice =D Chit Huey even said wan learn cook from his mom.Want be ppl's sam pou zai isit?hahaha.anyway,i did enjoy these nice western meal oh...=)

Next round for tomorrow - indian food at selayang =)

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