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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A good intention of lie XD

Finally i get to reload my phone yesterday and only 5bucks ><
because no money mah... T.T
unlike someone,dun find job and goyang kaki at home....*im not talking about the perasan ppl..XD
messaged my friends with the message 'hello =)' yesterday
Guess what?
An unknown number reply me with the message: hi
i tot is my friend reply me and start a conversation with the unknown here is it(green is me ad blue is unknown)

"fishball a?"
the ppl didn't reply my message so i call him *guy i think
He called me back...
"who are you" in mandrin
He off the phone straight away and reply my message
"what fishball?i dun understand what u mean."
"you message me just now..but i dunno you"
"oh..mayb i send wrong the number gua.sorry loo ^_^"
" problem"
few mintes later.....he curious ppl sent me a message..
"r u chinese?"
"im a chinese.."
"u boy o girl?"(i think everyone know his motif right?)
"em..why are you so curious about me?"
"nothing la,just want to be fren onli."(under expectation XD)
"what if i say i mind?"
"y u mind?just be fren onli mah..u scare ur bf scold u? (i wonder isit everyone would ask this if kena rejected by not making fren?)
in case i got sore throat so my voice got a bit changes so i...
"if i got bf then charm lo,im a boy la sorry.." (xDD)
"oh,then nvm la" (phew~)
few mintues later,the curious guy send me msg again..
"u sure u is boy ar?" (waseh,still not giving up to ask)
"ya,im 100% pure boy..." ( XDD)
"lie me lah u...jz now i call u heal is a girl de sound loh" (apa la,heard pun tak tau spell kah?)
sei loo...kantoi d...
"not girl sound ok..i know my voice is abit like girl right voice had change for having sore throat..dun judge me by my voice.."(whattodo?he is facing a very honest girl LOL )
"haha is ok...y u no ask how come i get ur fon num de?"(i tot im not the cup of tea of him and he will disappear,but...speechless =.=)
never reply him and continue my class....

okayk,here comes the reason why i rejected him....
this is not sengaja to lie him for playing with the ppl.
to be honest honest and honest....
im not interest to this ppl actually.but in case he keep asking me the question and i noticed that he got the motif to talk with me.
so forced to lie him in order to save my credit & not choi-ing him.
so sorry to that guy really... ><

Well,yesterday is Yung Lim's ex...
we are still keeping in touch of course will wish him...
yea,he is onli 18 this year 2009
may you will get whatever you want ya...
take k lop...

with jessy's warm wishes here =)

the next day=today..the curious guy message me again =.=

Saturday, January 17, 2009

im a guai lui =)

today whole staying at home for helping mummy.guai lui leh. keke =p
woke up at 9 today and mummy ordered me to complete all the housework including bath for my two little doggies when she going pudu pasar.
guess what?my two little cute doggies......

my bb's look before it bath...

bb let me kacau like tat when i bath for it....

tadaa...have you all saw a hedgehog dog before? XD

next....another new doggie with the name dong dong

after...fur too short jor so can't style for it..
it cabut lari secara curi curi when i wanna bath for it.. XD

when mummy home from pudu,she buy me har mee as a reward..guai lui mah...hehe

*spell H A R M E E= har mee jin holiao..hehe

Next,help mummy for making cny we going to make seaweed with spring roll pastry.duno how to explain it la..lets the photo describe la...

here is it....

do re mi fa.....mana so? XD

it is all made by me ohh.. ^^

nice to eat,nice to made.....
once you sick?????
then charm loo... ><

got flu since yesterday....
cough for many days...
i wonder can i eat these during chinese new year???
don't think so much first... ><

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12 jan 2008

i know it is late to wish them..
this is because din on9 yesterday the whole day.
furthermore my phone out of credit for few days. =(
so not able to send a sms or leave a message direct to them.
sorry ohh....... >< anyway,wishing them here. =)


may both of you 'san tai gin hong,man si yu yi'

Sunday, January 11, 2009

very cold joke LOL

found this..which i grabbed from somewhere.
very cold. hahahaha XD
im sure you guys girls will laugh eventhough u are in bad condition =)
smile & laugh is always the best mah.... ^.^

答案 :孤单的时候

答案 :是白色
是 白 的 MAN

答案 :慈母啰

答案 :是无尾熊!因为无尾熊整天抱着树干

答案:我的美人摸你的奶!!!(watermelon, monitor, night

答案 :康熙(can't see)。

答案 :OREO饼干

答案 :叫救命

答案 :麦当劳

答案 :真相大白(真像大白)。

答案 :鱼片米粉

答案 :咸蛋,因为咸蛋超人=咸蛋抄人

Tunku Abdul Rahman骑电单车为什么会被警察捉?
答案 :因为有三个人Tunku, Abdul 和 Rahman..

答案 :答案是 因為朱古力蛋糕

答案 :因为他喝了过期的奶!!~~~~

答案 :因为THAILAND太冷)。。。。。

答案 :7-up

Saturday, January 10, 2009

shopping shopping,windows shopping

my day for today.......super duple tired loo
my legs today......super duple tired loo

today went 5 shopping complex (pass through are counted too XD)
today,the 1st class of T6,so as normal i "wanted" to attend the class.but then,the mr tortoise message me for going lunch,and pitt kuan said....

"u see la this friend,got "boy boy" liao then dun wan us. =.=
"haiya,the lecture seldom teach in the first class wan la.dun worry,i will help u to pick ur notes,u go PAKTO la,no need choi us liao loo.. =.= wat la

so end up going lunch with him a.k.a ponteng... XD but seriously mention

firstly,met up with him at time square and we went to uncle duck to have our lunch.
then we jalan jalan in time square since we are extreamly full that time >< style="color: rgb(204, 153, 51); font-weight: bold;">lot 10 for the sikit sikit shortcut to pavillion which he trying to tipu me that is pavillion small entrance.*u think i will kena tipu meh?? XD

Reach pavillion,the decoration for the chinese new year is really wonderful lar..unfortunately i didn't take any photo there... >< but mayb can grab in somewhere leh???hehe.

deng deng deng deng...the pavillion view i curi from somewhere.its exactly the same.
the pak pak want to be dai meng seng... XD

Walk around there for one and a half hour,then go sungei wang jalan again.only jalan but didn't buy anything =.= after that,headed to the time square bus stop ready for next round to leisure mall pasar malam but not with him,is with pitt kuan and yen mei.

Next round-leisure mall pasar malam
taking bus in time square which 2 of them are inside there.
Then went to sifu wantan mee for our wantan mee dinner while waiting for kok wei *he said he will join us after work.
quite nice the wantan mee,you all can try try ohh... =)

Waited kok wei for sooooo soooo looooooong only he arrived there.=.=
kok wei wanted to have his dinner,so we leave pasar malan after walking there about few minutes and we have supper loo....*takkan wan 3of us stare at him and his food mah =)

Kok wei belanja me 4sushi for bringing back home eat...hehe but then i forgot to bring it go,reached the bus stop and wanted to go back that time only realised i left on the table there.ran back to the place,who know.....the hardworking them go help me throw sushi.... :T.T:

So end up with the conclusion for today...

time square ---> lot 10 ---> pavilion ---> sungei wang ---> leisure mall.

so ding dong me..... =.=

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

no title

is all my fault....
what i said is always the wrong for you.....
fine!!!!!starting from now.....


she can't get her SPBT o whatever is all your business.i will not go to school and help her settle anymore!!!!


don't wan choi you all liao...
i wanna cry liao....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

happy school day!!

yeah,finally i am waited....

hahaha...kinda expecting.countdown 12hours to my class start. =D
Well,today went to play badminton with my friends.
hey asked me to there at 6o clock,who knows they are....

playing helikopter...=.= kok wei spent 200bucks to buy this thing....

then suddenly tersangkut on the tree....

kokwei:this like this de,if u like this ah,sure tersangkut on tree la...(he is teaching yen chea =.=)

and finally....the helikopter flew d luu.... =.=

We play until 8 o'clock,then we went to yam cha near our house for a while then yen chea send me back luu...

At night,we went yam cha again... =.=


Saturday, January 3, 2009

new year,new things

Finally i got what i want and what i need to do recently....
let's see here...

new year,new shirt.RM 60 before discount,after discount RM 50.

new year,new hairstyle.cut at GC hair studio at taman segar.RM 20 for student

last but not least!!!Finally i got this
the 'secret' piano score!!the last one for me!yeah!!it cost RM36.90,after 25% discount become RM27.70hehe ^.^

opps one more i need urgent now.....
awwww....i need it very much now!!!! ><

Friday, January 2, 2009

crazy girl

YEAH, 2DAYS MORE TO THE SCHOOL REOPEN!!!! ^.^ ah.don't say im sooo excited please,because
seriously i got nothing to do at home during these holidays beside hanging out with friends.What you expected?i got more than one month holidays!!!!

40++ days holiday
3days for trip
10++ days hanging out with friends
and the rest study,working and staying at home eat eat eat..and computer computer computer

So i noticed that i BOLUI liao and...i fat liao ler....
charm i think few words can describe me now
人又老(19 d leh still not old ah?have to admit it loo)
钱又少 (out out out only sure habis lor...)
nobody want me liao ler...... T.T
i only WINDOWS shopping with frens,what i've spend is for meal or movie only.
i don't like to buy alot of things actually.i'm not like my frens
for sure they will buy alot of cloth when they going shopping complex ==

By the way on the 1st day of 2009,i went time square+sungei wang with my family.
We went to leisure for a while for buying my sister's uniform and shoes.the uniform there were soooo expansive and not nice in their design,so my mom decided to buy clothes and D.I.H (do it herself XD )
me,before going out with them =)

next,went to one pet shop which located at opposite of leisure mall for buying my little doggie's food.

The golden


and this is the cutest i saw there.forgot what's the name.keke

the sleeping pussy nice..

Finally reach time square around 3.Walk walk for few hours with them and i will for next round-Seow Iang's open house.Met back the gang is like recalling my happy memories with them in Perimbun. =)
Reach home around 11 something.Tired ><

P/S :I hope our friendship will last long,never end is the best.. =)

Thursday, January 1, 2009


BYE BYE 2008,
HELLO 2009!!!!

a brand new year oh....^.^
01.01,show that there is a begining for me to let go the bad past and i have to march forward into a whole new environment.
seriously i miss year 2008 very very much!!! ><

i miss
the memories i enjoyed with all my friends
the challenge i go through with you guys+girls
the tears we drob together for our hapiness
awww miss it much much ><

By the way,yesterday i went time square alone and kok wei were there.reach there around 4 and we go have his lunch and my hi-tea at sek hou.
then he get back to work and i continue my WINDOWS shopping....*din buy anything one kayyyy? =D
wait him for about 2hours then we take bus to leisure mall to meet up tat seng (soooo sorry for waiting us soooo looooooong and make u scolded by ur girl girl.hope u are reading this >< )

everyone take bath at his house then we went milwaukee for our dinner.the food there are not as cheeeeap as last time d,and the menu are changed from thick as a brick to slight as 2 A4 paper... == wattodo?short cost mah XD
after dinner,we depart to ulu langat around 10 like that.
there was freaking jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm man!!!!we onli park at the half hill and we walk to the top.many thanks to tat seng for being our driver in the whole journey =)

reach the place-look out point around 11.we are just looking for the toilet and guess what?there's pack of ppl were waiting for seat weih.....luckily we going there after our dinner...hahaha clever us XD

went up top to the hill.fuiyoh....super duple pack especially the very top floor.we wait to see the firework at the second top floor.still can see firework,i duno why they wanted to climb up the top-est and see,many ppl blocked in front d how they gonne see leh?
saw firework finally.ppl see onli firework in one location but we can see the firework in the whole kl!!!hahaha.... XD this is nice man!!!^.^

this is better than PHOTOSHOP,only the professional camwhorer can do it..XD

the view in look out point

the hengdai.left-kok wei and right-tat seng.

kokwei:我为兄弟两胁插刀,但是兄弟为了妞来插我两刀 XD
what a heng dai HE is...== who is that?kita pandai tahu la..

kok wei and me.

the total 7 years fren with her-chit huey.thanks for being my friend ohh.appreciate very much!^.^

the time we back were....omg,jam again.but not onli car,even the road for human jam too.
and thank god i can back home at 1o clock sharp ^.^

not forgotten to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR here!!!=)
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