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Saturday, October 25, 2008

holiday without money-2nd day

2 Oct 2008
Today went shopping at sunwau pyramid.actually im planning to go time square for movie with Jia Yuan,but since he got no mood to go out just because he never sleep for two days *sot plug ppl wahahahaha.after that mark message me tat wan go out because one of out college friend-CHAO 's birthday today ohh.Finally we planned to go sunway pyramid because two of leng lui in my college-my darling stephanie and ley gle were there.

Firstly,we went to have our nice nice lunch + har mmm cha(for stephanie and ley gle..hehe) and after that we went to red box and sing k...long time din sing man, my voice totally changed!!>.< But this is the first time i spend most money in sing k...35 bucks.Expansive man!!But what to do,second day of hari raya mah as long as our birthday boy-CHAO happy oh..(chao happy boh?haha)

Secondly,we went to Bandar Puteri food court - 928(nice to eat).This such a nice name =) Oh ya before this we've met one leng lui - Vanessa (chao's friend) at sunway oh...Nice to meet you ya girl ^.^ I never have my dinner that time oh,because i've already spend too much for today (same words,money not enough)T.T

Last,second round at Tan Cha Wu which is near by leisure to have a gathering with two friends which i never see them for 10 months d-Joon Yip aka Jorn and Zhao Ming aka Akina (miss u guys..)i met two new guy there ohh.nice to meet you ya guys.They are really funny + like to 'senka'...haha.Anyway,i enjoyed today oh.but too bad i get scold like hell from my mom because my late back and i din report to her..Sorry oh mummy T.T

The conclusion for my financial report in this holiday...

Balance b/d RM 33
Debit cash RM 30
Credit Meal for lunch RM 13
Sing k RM 35
Balance c/f RM 15 :T.T:

Chao:hope u got a happy day today ohh..HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!=)

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