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Saturday, October 25, 2008

a 'scary' message

29th Sept 2008
A message from yoke san that i received in this evening : sekarang ni apis (one of our classmate in my secondary school) ade dekat HUKM.DIE accident semalam...Guess what you think when you read this message?Your friend were died in the accident yesterday?Guess what you feel after you read this?Shock?I straight away call my friend and ask for details.Mana tau,DIE = DIA in their bm message short form...=.=!!!! This is extreamly sccccaaarrreee me man!!!Anyway,i've send one sms to him to confirm his not curse+ing him ohh,but just worried about him ohh.God bless that he were safe!!!Thanks god,thanks guan yin ma,thanks allah,thanks all dewa for blessing him ohh!!!Hope he will be recovering soon lop =)

By the way,29th september-su hua's birthday oh....


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