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Monday, October 26, 2009

Bonia my 2nd visit...

Im going to bonia again tomorrow...
for internal audit...
this will be my second visit for 8 days.....
see you guys... =)

Friday, October 23, 2009

building inspection

Wisma Zelan Management Corporation

To All Valued Owners/Tenants

Reference is made to the above.

Kindly be informed that under Fire Service (fire certificate) Regulations 2001, the building owner must obtain bla bla bla bla......

In this respect, there will be a building inspection by Jabatab Bomba on 26 October 2009 (Monday) from 10:00 a.m. onwards and the following will be carried out :-

1. Inspection on all fire-fighting equipment and system. (so mafan >.<)
2. Live test of Fire Alarm Bell. (must be very noisy O.o)
3. Temporary power supply disruption. (yeah,no need work liao ^.^ )
4. Temporary lift system disruption.....


you want the whole LLTC staff to run from 18th floor to the lobby?!?!?!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

3C Group

to: the one who have the name -James Wong....

you gotta watch out...
there will be one day ppl will treat you like that SOON!!!!!
can't you be polite to anyone?
just imagine that your client did the same things to you
what you feel?
you made all the staff to dislike you....
are you happy with tat?
you made all the client to feel unhappy with you (if you did that to them)
are you still talk nice to them?
you will just always giving ppl trouble and on the other side you go and shoot ppl...

hopefully you are able to understand what everyone beside you....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


yesterday was quite lucky and "lucky" =.=
when im packing my things and ready to attend my class hor...
suddenly rain heavily loo....
opps, no no no..
should be the ice drop from the sky heavily....
am i lucky or "lucky"? =.=

then walk down from plaza rakyat lrt station
the girl keep giving me the envelop
this is something like lucky draw then she ask me to open it
when i open it,the girl shocked and hold my hand...
she said i have draw a special gift which their company gave me then bla bla bla...
so i don't bother about her and return the envelop
because i don't want to be a water fish (in case that are some cheating stuff)
am i that really lucky to get the special gift?

reach college.
find something to eat...
he not going to work so can't eat with me >.<
find a stall and have a chicken..
a Korean girl came to me and ask me some direction..
then we chit chat for almost half an hour...
then the korean girl my contact =)
am i that lucky to be her friends?

Friday, October 16, 2009


the piggy has went outstation for 3 days...
will be back on either sunday o monday =(
miss him ler..... >.<

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

jessy is feeling down today

im feeling down today.. >.<
recently got some argument with my family.....
my problem???
their problem??
both problem???
feel like dun wanna stay in this house...
mum just grumble straight when i just step in the house and sit..
jie just scold me with the stupid rude words when i ask her a little thing
why are they like to come out with those words???
nice to listen isit?
always ask friends beside to be cheerful
but right now im the one who not be cheerful
i hate the feel of quarrel with them.. >.<
they don't even care whether who is the right and wrong..
they will only care the way you spoke...
is reason not important to care of???
what comment i got from everyone was just a word..
"just be silent la....."
but...isit everyone able to do that??

even him...he just speechless...
he got nothing to say about this

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

blur dao..... =.=

12th October

due to the late rest yesterday...
im half an hour late to work >.<
so im going to rush rush rush to the class later
take cab to lrt station,then take lrt..
rush to college from masjid jamek station

meet my dear at college then we go eat hokkien me
he suddenly look at my class time table and come with the words....
"yi,today no class wor..."


Friday, October 9, 2009


hopefully this will be the last time i treat myself like this... >.<
hopefully i could avoid all that...
hopefully i could leave my self....

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yesterday i have watched this

G-Force - the world needs bigger heroes
like shaun... xD

i watched this at pavilion with him...hehe
such a cute movie actually
there are 4 gunea pigs & a mole as a main characters in this movie
and there are almost same as the human
they talked like human..
they act like human
and ada facebook somemroe.. =.=
their car got arlam somemore.. =.=
you guys are recommend to watch this ohh..
relax la...don't be stress on your work or study.. hehe

it is quite bad...but luckily it end up became good...

Friday, October 2, 2009

think of her suddenly

yesterday my office was quite diam...
3out of 14 colleague were on MC (wednesday 2 ppl MC,yesterday 3 pulak =.= )
included the admin clerk
1 is on leave
and 1 not working
so i have to replace her on yesterday to answering phone and bla bla bla...
answer a called yesterday..
voice quite familiar..
just remind me of her....
but the ppl is not her of course =.=

is the girl i knew in my secondary school
although we are graduated at the same primary school
she has a good result in study at primary school
same as secondary too...
however, in form 2
she started to be weird
she becoming another girl..
no longer the girl we knew...
and even her performance in study has slipped..

till form 4,everyone has transfer to the class which suit for them...
unexpected that she hs allocated in account stream.
im wondering, why is she transfering to this class.
time passing and passing....
and im starting to giving her tuition...
im not saying that im expert till wan to be a teacher
but im trying my best to giving her additional knowledge

till we had graduated from secondary school
we didn't contact anymore..
somebod said she had move to somewhere else...
im just curious....
how is she doing now?
is she ok now??
is somebody have her contact?
i miss her...
i miss her teeth..
i miss the way she smile =.=
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