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Sunday, February 1, 2009

update randomly

Quite some time I left this blog not updated. Sorry to keep you all waiting oh
this is just because....pc burned =.=
no pc for one week more!!!!!!boring daoooooo ><

23rd Jan
the first movie with yen chea and kok wei only...
NO TATSENG ANYMORE if going out with these gang....
read my post before and u will know XD
ok come back to the related topic
went out for this movie with two of them at pavillio....

red cilff 2.we watched korea version..hahaha

quite nice the movie....haha
Before movie,we decided to walk around pavillion
and there's a few great performance at night which organized by pavillion

the performance...
in case im far to the stage so can't take photo it clearly.
hope you all forgive me lop... ><

24th Jan
A very good driver fetch the familly to here to there the whole day today.
Siapa driver tu?i know you all sangat pandai,for sure you all can guess it de...haha XD

fast forward to night time....
get ready to pack things for back hometown at midnight.
neh,the brother siao la,dun wan back early eventhough he done his work in the afternoon.
but luckily im not the driver that time hehe.really tired that day,furthermore im sick on that few days.sick before chinese new year is charm you know?
can't eat too much of junk food during the chinese new year ><
since i ate medicine in the car,so for sure i will rest inside it... =)

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