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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A good intention of lie XD

Finally i get to reload my phone yesterday and only 5bucks ><
because no money mah... T.T
unlike someone,dun find job and goyang kaki at home....*im not talking about the perasan ppl..XD
messaged my friends with the message 'hello =)' yesterday
Guess what?
An unknown number reply me with the message: hi
i tot is my friend reply me and start a conversation with the unknown here is it(green is me ad blue is unknown)

"fishball a?"
the ppl didn't reply my message so i call him *guy i think
He called me back...
"who are you" in mandrin
He off the phone straight away and reply my message
"what fishball?i dun understand what u mean."
"you message me just now..but i dunno you"
"oh..mayb i send wrong the number gua.sorry loo ^_^"
" problem"
few mintes later.....he curious ppl sent me a message..
"r u chinese?"
"im a chinese.."
"u boy o girl?"(i think everyone know his motif right?)
"em..why are you so curious about me?"
"nothing la,just want to be fren onli."(under expectation XD)
"what if i say i mind?"
"y u mind?just be fren onli mah..u scare ur bf scold u? (i wonder isit everyone would ask this if kena rejected by not making fren?)
in case i got sore throat so my voice got a bit changes so i...
"if i got bf then charm lo,im a boy la sorry.." (xDD)
"oh,then nvm la" (phew~)
few mintues later,the curious guy send me msg again..
"u sure u is boy ar?" (waseh,still not giving up to ask)
"ya,im 100% pure boy..." ( XDD)
"lie me lah u...jz now i call u heal is a girl de sound loh" (apa la,heard pun tak tau spell kah?)
sei loo...kantoi d...
"not girl sound ok..i know my voice is abit like girl right voice had change for having sore throat..dun judge me by my voice.."(whattodo?he is facing a very honest girl LOL )
"haha is ok...y u no ask how come i get ur fon num de?"(i tot im not the cup of tea of him and he will disappear,but...speechless =.=)
never reply him and continue my class....

okayk,here comes the reason why i rejected him....
this is not sengaja to lie him for playing with the ppl.
to be honest honest and honest....
im not interest to this ppl actually.but in case he keep asking me the question and i noticed that he got the motif to talk with me.
so forced to lie him in order to save my credit & not choi-ing him.
so sorry to that guy really... ><

Well,yesterday is Yung Lim's ex...
we are still keeping in touch of course will wish him...
yea,he is onli 18 this year 2009
may you will get whatever you want ya...
take k lop...

with jessy's warm wishes here =)

the next day=today..the curious guy message me again =.=

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