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Thursday, February 26, 2009

stroke =(

Today came to college a little bit early because of following dad's car to leisure mall bus station

then one of the lecturer told me that our T7 class will be delay from 2 o clock to 2.30 in the afternoon.

who knows our T7 lecturer came to the class at 3something.
She explained that she had a emergency problem about her boyfriend.
her boyfriend had minor stroke.
and is about 2days ago d.
which they went for 3 clinics for the treatment,injection and all the stuff before
the doctors only said is just allergic in sea food,small matter
and both doctors gave injections and medicines only
the 2nd doctors worst
"you want some injection isit?ok i give you" =.= what kind of doctor is he?!

until they went to the 3rd clinic and the doctor told them he having a minor stroke
luckily he just need to take rest for few weeks at home

the doctor said he might feeling very stress in either lecturing or studying
furthermore he stay in the cold environment for long long time = my college >.<

So my friends...
don't be too stress always.
when you are stress in studying or everything
please take some rest.
drink a cup of water to relax.

when you feel cold
please wear sweater.
be better bring your sweater out always.
don't get cold oh.
I don't want my friends to become another HIM.
and he is only 25 or 26 year old
the doctor said one of the case is almost same as him.
and the patient is only 15 year old. >.<

so friends....
please take good care of yourself ohh...

hope he will be heal quickly... >.<

to those who knew the lecturer.
please don't tell him about this ah.... XD

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