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Monday, February 16, 2009

my CAT result is coming out today!!!

Went to college early the morning because of the T10 class in the morning...
As i know,today my CAT paper 5 result will coming out in the afternoon soon..
Well,to be honest...
I have already expected
I will fail my paper 5
You guys couldn't say i got no confident about this at all
Although alot of ppl support me,stay with me during the exam time
and even said will bring me gai gai or treat me eat if i pass the exam
but the question really looks die when i read it ><

When the lecture class goes until half, the lecturer suddenly say,
”oh ya,today the result coming out,you all can check it out from the uncle in library ”
After she finished her words, then she is pretty kind to let us go library and check for our result.
We gather in front of the little pc.The feeling is like you waiting for a sentence.
the first person who check his result is mark...
he got 84 for his T5
next will be yeoh
he got 49 (congrats to both of them)
and my turn after him...
The moment i type my ID and password is damn slow.
i cried... T.T
almost the whole college saw my crying face
i never say anything and just hug stephanie and susan...

i know you guys wanna see my result..
don't how to say..
just see bah...

The Association of
Chartered Certified Accountants
2 Central Quay 89 Hydepark Street
Glasgow G3 8BW UK
Tel: +44 (0)141 582 2000 Fax: +44 (0)141 582 2222


Miss Chia Shi Chee

No 25 Jalan 19
Taman Murni Cheras
Batu 9

Examination Results
Your examination results for the December 2008 session issued on 16-FEB-09 are:

Paper Details Mark(%) Result
T5 Mng Pple & Sys 40 Pass

I was surprised when i look at the result,till i can cried.
i thought i was dreaming.
this is just like what i wrote in my christmas wishlist-can pass all my CAT paper especially T5
Although i just passing with the cukup makan marks..
but can still crying like hell
im satisfying with my result!!!!
i will still appreciate those who send regards to me ohh....
firstly thanks to my parents for paying my exam fees..
thanks buddha for blessing me with this result
my ex classmate,louie thank you very much for sending regards to me.till now i haven't delete the message.
thanks shih wei with the funny message that sent to me in msn
thank you all my FTMS college friends who wish me.
thank you yoke san,eng hong,miinyee,poh lin,jia yuan,joshua,michelle,simon,wee xiang,wei kien,kee yun,suet yin,su hua,lai mui....
all of you were giving this award.....
for those i never list up their name..
thank you for the good luck wishes ohh...

im so relax today...
just imagine how will you feel if you carried a 1000kg stone very long and let go it in a minute time...

and for those who promised me something...
im still remember what you all owed me... XD

Next, sorry to my friend who is just one step to apart from the safety zone.
You tend to be strong enough in front of us.
But how you feel deep in your heart we all know.
what i wanted to say is you have already done your very good job oh...
no matter how we will still be by side to support you k? =)

And for those who have already in the safety zone....
here im to wishing all of you
congratulation!! =D

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