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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

初三 & 初四

finally back to kl on the third day of chinese new year
then clean up my house since im not in this house about 4days
sure dirty liao..

forth day
just make it short cut coz lazy to write

afternoon-went to dang wangi for making payment about thr ACCA annual fee
the value on that day was RM 5.1 per pounds
after that,went to visit my cousin and the family who stay at near leisure mall
get a lots of red packet ^.^
then gamble again with cousin from singapore
finally i lose 10++ bucks
and her husband won abt 60++ bucks
yet he still not ernough =.=
but my cousin gave me angpao ^.^

have you see angpao got that small?
it just look like azimat
this is from my cousin ^.^

we wen back early coz my uncle will coming to my house later.
and i saw this out of sudden and snap it....

what is minnie mouse gonna do with this?? makan? XD

1 comment:

Melissa said...

bad minnie....
she wan to smoke XDXDXD

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