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Monday, February 9, 2009

cho 2

early the morning,i fetch my grandpa and my sister to have breakfast.
first time drive in the kampung place
you think kampung area more safety than kl?
no no no...the malay ppl like to sat gei mou san appear in front of you geh =.=
so it is dangerous k?
but im a driver yang berhemah,so they are not worry.hehe

back to home....
yeah!!finally SOMEONE are back to hometown.
and it just a few mintues..
my house become a taska..
suddenly got alots of children....
but they are cute.. ^.^
i only got few pictures of them...

this is my aunt,leng lui mah?she is four children's mother d

my forth kao fu's youngest daughter-racheal eyu,she is from singapore

jia yuan's member a.k.a fish.haha anyway this is my aunt's daughter ^.^

finally someone ask us to gamble and even a 8 years old boy =.=
walao,they like take their all harta to gamble with me.
but finally all the money inside my pocket d... XD
one of my cousin lose 20 bucks and my grandpa lose 10 ++ bucks to me
and i won RM 40 on that day.
gave 3bucks to my little cousin.(kind leh??hahaha)

after dinner,my cousins from Singapore went back early
The CNY mood also haven't come but they had to attend for school ady..
furthermore their parents have to work the next morning..
Singapore school not like Malaysia's school..
Can take holiday secara sendirian berhad...
and same to the office too...
somemore my uncle is the manager there....
pity the children can't play so much

so my house become quiet again
yet my grandparents very happy
coz their very good grandaughter help them to massage
somemore wan book whose turn first.swt

few minutes ago,my bro were back from muar for visiting his frens
he bought the famous food in muar-otak otak
this otak otak kinda special...
special otak~
special making process~
special spicy =.=
spicy dou cannot tahan

since my brother bought a lot of Firecrackers before chinese new year
so we decide to 'kacau' the road till the those who pass by here can't really see the road.. haha
but some firecrackers is for whose over 18.haha
dun say after 18 not good.
sometimes can get more benefit too geh...haha

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