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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

chu liu-angpao hunting day

Woke up at 7 sharp today and for the date with the perimbun gang at 9
Help mommy for sweeping the floor early the morning (what to do?guai lui mah XD )
then preparing for out.
We are promised to gather at SJKC batu 9-our primary school
Arrived there at 9 sharp.i thought im the late ppl coz im the only one who take bus and the rest either drive themselves or parents send them
mana tau....
im the earliest =.=
all of them were late to there..
seriously i got no any idea what to do to let the time past quickly
and suddenly i found this when i walked to the pondok and take a rest

the race car with the special wheel and the owner didn't wash the car..
very dirty XD


Everyone arrived finally...
went for breakfast nearby our primary school while thinking whose house will be the first to visit....
After everyone's advice,the cartoon houses will be the first we visit.
Went to visit poh lin at first....
Next sit ping and after that kock weng.....
Stay at kock weng house longer coz of the very "good" weather
kock weng treat us eat his chocolate which his brother brought in different country
my favourite weih...
but i only eat dark and mint chocolate normally...
When i saw this.....

i am interested to these...
the chocolate which contained alcohol drink inside
vodka somemore

kock weng treat me these all chocolate

kock weng treat me these all chocolate woh...
and he allow me to bring back home if i can't finish it
of course i can't la
u tot im bandaraya queen? ><
but it is tasty...
till now i still haven't finish my chocolate yet =)

we gamble at kock weng's there
Never left the words "gamble" due to this chinese new year ><
thank god gave us the heavy rain there
otherwise i will not win that much XD

Next station,May Yen-the patient's house
and kin soon's after that....
next after kin soon's was chit huey's
the friend we never forget to visit in every year..
but who knows she gave us this "rewards"...
the bak gua which is full of spores!!!!!
what the.......
really za dou jor... =.=
and the last station was the iuan and iang's family(what i mean is the twins XD )
Finally,back home at 7something with the fully water in the stomach...
however,i collected many angpao on that through visiting my friends... =)

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