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Saturday, February 28, 2009

the first "night"

Date : 27th FEBRUARY 2009
Venus : FTMS college level 5 VC room

This is the first time i attend prom night.This prom night is organized by our FTMS student council.Although the prom night is having in the hall but not as other's in what what hotel,but our prom night was special.FULLY BY COLLEGE!haha XD furthermore i didn't spend any single cent on my costume,just wear what i already have,but my mom sound me when i back home coz she said i look kinda old in that costume >.<
my dress that day.with susan =)

Arrived college at 1 o'clock because i have class in the afternoon.I was wearing as normal before the prom night.Meet up with stephanie chau(the new intake of CAT in january)
after our class separately and we locked our self inside the toilet for close to one hour. XD

beware of him!!!he enter ladies toilet don't know do what oso!!him....and gay LOL

Unexpected that was our events have many of the performance i love was the beep box which performed by gibe-our new intake of CAT too but same batch as me.It is a last minute performance coz we request him to do beep box on the step.In case of the last minute performance,he apologised that he have not prepare for today and he sang a song for us.His voice is soft man and the emcee even said he can "lam" all the girl there with his "lam" voice.haha XD

We camwhore after the event but we did not spend much in there because everyone is super duple hungry.Many thanks to our Mr. President Kiven la,plan our dinner time to the end of the event. >.<
the new students from china.
some of them taking Hotel Management and some of them were ACCA student woh.

kenny chew and me

me,susan and mr iswan-the Mr,FTMS in this year

Alex,Jessy,Kenny Lim and Susan

Alex and i

Kenny Lim
With my dear,susan

Miss secretary-jessy and Mr president-kiven
he obviously band down and suit my height loo
kiven u apa maksud ah?!?!
the 1st perze winner in lucky draw for this year,darwin and me

The prom ended very early because we worried about the student's transport back because some of them were stay ver far from college.After the dinner in the college then susan's brother send us back.Seriously this event is more successfull than the deeparaya event last year because the organiser were us and our responsible president but not mazakazu.the president,kiven played his roll very well and i knew he is so tired after this event.thanks everyone ohh =)

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