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Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day


how you celebrate your valentine day this year?
mine was awesome!!!!
every year in this day
im either work or staying at home...
but this year...
someone date me out!
but not boy boy oso
nvm la,atleast someone willing to spend his time with me. hehe ^.^
many thanks to him ya =)
for those who spend the time alone....
i think they are singing...
"lonely...i feel so lonely...i have nobody...."
do not worry,soon will be your turn to celebrate with ur lover..

you know what is happening in the afternoon today?
i got accident!!!!! with a bike
and i should pay anything somemore although both are wrong.
coz the driver were injured. ><
no choice loo....
send her to ukm for her body checkup
although we knew her hand and leg is just a bit swollen
going to the hospital is just to reconfirm how was she injured
luckily she never says wan go pantai hospital
otherwise....the body checkup not only RM 90 that less *gulps
don't know today is a good day o a bad day ><
by the way,im ok without any injuries..
so don't worry my friends =)

Went to pavilion after the accident for the movie...
and im totally late to there!!!
wan him to wait me very very looong...
feel guilty to him ><
so sorry ler....
Well,we watched this....

underworld,rise of the lycan

this is nice if you guys watch back the first and the second part.... =)
too bad we missed the first scenes ><
but the girl-sonya in the movie kinda pretty.hehe XD

Finish movie and it is around 7....
walk around time square and called anyone who can fetch me back in their convenient place
and they are kok wei and the gang....
but dinner before we back...
knew a new friend named ryan
he stay nearby my house so thats why he is able to send me back...haha
anyway nice to meet you ya
went to pudu and eat..
i just ordered a ABC to eat
coz somebody said my saiz never change at all
(what?!?!ppl have already slim lor..alot of ppl say so okkay?? XD )

saw 3 flowers on my piano
two red and one pink...
my sister's boy friend brought for her...
sengaja back to kl from singapore just to celebrate valentine with her..
bahagianya my sister..
envy her leh!!!

if you were boy,will you do that to your girl?? =)

by the way
just find out who is the guy who date me out today....
猜中没奖!!!! XD

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