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Friday, February 13, 2009

3rd of feb - nin cho kao

nothing to do atfirst on that day...
since my class have not start yet....
somehow now
i hope my class can start quickly or earlier that time
coz im darn boring la!!!! ><
but then someone safe me from the boring day..
nicky invited me to his house
then go loo...
since got ppl fetch me to there
and i won't boring at home
so about 1 o clock he come to my house and fetch me to there

In the evening,lai mui called me for joining them to the dinner
as usual
we will meet one day and go for lou sang during the cny every year...
but this year a bit special
we are not going the small restaurant nearby our area
we going janbo
the serdang branch
big restaurant!!!

lou sang!!
this is onli on the plate.
u guy never see hows the table messing XD

the messing table after lou sang..haha

wan curi tangkap me is not easy de lai mui...haha
chit huey and lai mui

and lastly...the bill RM441.53

1 comment:

jessi said...

oopss..wat a good memories..

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