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Monday, March 2, 2009

paper based exam

Just received the docket again from ACCA few days ago regarding my result and i'm already CONFIRM that i pass my T5.haha.This is such a good news which i still thought im dreaming before this. XD

However,there is a bad news too >.< It is time for me to pay money for my next four paper in June sitting.The death line is the 15th of april for 42 pounds otherwise the exam payment will increase to 110 pounds!very horrible loo.Why don't ACCA rob one of the bank so they can get more than this amount.good idea right?haha.

I think i will have my test in USCI again because i can take bus to UCSI instead to go to the college which far for me like TARC,but if i got car,then no need take bus loo.I want a car la mom >.< atleast i can drive to UCSI gua?

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