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Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving day~

Im starting my new job in hang san building and work in an audit firm as a part time data support.Today was my 4th was my life?

freedom-no more
money-no more
time-no more
and one more word can describe
wu liao eh!!!!

But no choice.who ask this building located at opposite my college and my working time are flexible.i can go work anytime xD but of course not too terrible la...atleast work from morning till noon lop.don't come in the morning and CHAO after 2hours...hahahaha xD

and guess what happen today??RAIN HEAVILY AH!!!!!im not blaming why is the rain god <3 people sooooo much,but why ah ppl haven't finish job you din rain.till ppl going back soon you rain heavily out of sudden?haha jk =p

honestly today's rain only one words can describe W+E+T my bottom of body wet and kl almost back to 10/6/2007 that time and i was wearing high heeled shoe somemore today,damn painful still my leg now T.T luckily one very kind driver send me back today,otherwise i got no idea to think what will happen after this.em mayb will see me in hospital? *touch wood =D

Today thanksgiving day-'gan en jie'.Seriously i don't know got such day if my collegue never tell us.what she told us is you treat someone-the one you 'owe' them eat or you buy something to thankyou them.So i bought something for my mommy and a bar of chocolate for the kind driver today.
And here,those who i owed them,thank you for your helps ya~ cant mention exactly all the name here but there is one i wan to thankyou here was my collegue - siew ling.without here umbrella today i think im fully wet and not onli bottom >.<

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