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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

refresh memory

Well,recently many things happened out of sudden.1st things of course will be the deeparaya events which organized by the student council of FTMS college = me and all my college friends lop.We're officially rrrruuuuusssshhhh!!!!.Just imagine that how we do everythings in the time of 2weeks?and actually there's a lots of time for us to prepare in this event? 2 of my darling were really STRESS just because of this events to be rushed for tomorrow!!Hope everything will be ok for tommorrow laa...

2nd things,being asked 3 time relax,and cool down to 3 different people today.Damn serious things and i've really concerned in one of that 3things was,ym and bear's relationship.Really unexpected that ym and beh will break so early somemore few days before SPM!!!!Break up is kinda normal thing actually,but I wonder why you guys like to choose the 'best date' to break up leh?People say marry must choose a good date to marry jek,but is it possible to choose a 'best date' to say break up?Don't you guys can ask to break up after the 'best date'?Don't you know this might hurt somebody alots?Don't you know this might affect study before SPM?Sorry to say that im so 'kik' here.this is becausde i got this experience before.This officially remind me of that day - 1st day of october 2005, 2days before my PMR ....

This date will be my blacky day 1 + one of the memorable day,because the time of that day ,i break up with my ex and i cried the whole night and the next day of night too.This was really hurt me that time.Try to imagine that how you gonna study if your heart has been broken?i realised that teachers always advise the student 'not to couple during the school' that time.that was really work honestly.I think ym were really hurt like me even worst than me now.Our relationship last time was only 3months,but the relationship that ym got with beh are almost one year i think.Hope she will get it over soon la,although i knew she wouldn't now...(for me last time need almost half year to recover also ler,and how long will she?)

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