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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

deeparaya events

Finally uploaded all the picture i got for today's deeperaya events.These did took me few hours >.< Okay as somebody says,lets start my 'essay' again the 5th of november,FTMS college were having a very grand deeperaya events which are organized by the student council member.And it just mean more as it will be the last day for louie,which he gonna leave FTMS soon.Although we knew each other only few few months,but lots of happiness are around us in these months.I got to say,i'll be missing you very very very much man!!!! =(

Our program will be Fashion Show,Games and Lucky Draw in short formly.Before the program start,our model were busy in their make up.
so how was the maked up for those model?Just have a look in my recent post bah.hehe.To be honest, OUR PARTY ROCKS yeah!!!!! ^.^

Next,will be CBE exam *gulps Hope everyone will pass in their exam ya.
Good luck and all the best!!! =)

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