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Monday, November 24, 2008

broken heart

my heart as if this picture-broke!!!

Again i quarreled with her.It is just a small matter actually,but why does she likes to make it bigger?!?!?!Guess what?She likes to judge people by her imagination.What am i trying to say is she likes to think of someone's characteristic according to her imagination and she will judge the people by that.Does it work actually?For me it do work sometimes but IT DO NOT WORK IN ANYTIME TOO!!!work because sometimes you would really realised that got what u expected.un+work because you can't see the right side of the person sometimes.
P/S :I knew my words might making you ON FIRE now,i'm here to apologise.Sorry
PP/S :Hope everything will gone after 24th November 2008 ,2359 (please pass quickly today!!!)

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