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Saturday, November 22, 2008

nzx square =)

One of the day of these super busy week, the 21st of November 2008-Friday.Whole gang of FTMS went to nzx square.(apa la,13days to paper based exam still go gai gai??)

Festive fan-tasy during this school holiday at there
Our dinner will be at Alvin's work place.they called it as steam boat secara solo,but it almost same as shabu shabu actually.

before our dinner,the table were soooooo...clean.

want to have a look how we 'settle' this table?

jiang jiang jiang messy =p

photo time after dinner with stephanie darling

new member in FTMS?she is stephanie's sister-christine

2pair of couple with 3single

seriously she is really sweet for me ler.the sweet+est i've never meet before.<3>

i only remember the name NEMO.other forgot.keke

four of us with the xiao didi-alvin's brother

(mickey and minnie)'s 'habitat'.lol

with susan

hakulamatata.. with the lion king

another mickey and minnie

pooh bear with us..^.^

ALVIN and the chipmunks...y got only two de?

the four of us-christine,jessy,stephanie and susan

One of the memorable day at there until the midnight.wan susan's brother and his friends sengaja go subang and fetch two of us somemore.and guess what?her brother NEVER SCOLD HER AT ALL!!If my sister are good as will be a dooms day. lol lol loooool :D

P/S:more photo will be uploading soon.

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