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Thursday, November 20, 2008

super duple busy

i think these two weeks will be a super duple weeks for me. >.< keep staying at college.Guess what i did?

face to this >>> CAT paper 5 a.k.a managing people and systems

notes as thick as the small bricks.seriously its heavy man!!!

notes from the bus ticket somemore

notes which is written by myself

count how many movie i watched..still got movie i watched but lost the ticket

the sweet that JH gave me for my throat wor...thanks ya JH.the way i appreciate you was...makan it...hahaha

and not forgotten her birthday today-one of my best friends last time,Lee Zhi (lychee) keke

this is the only picture of her i got now.i got the pic with her actually but not with me ohh...sorry



best wishes for you here.hope everything is ok towards you ya~ ;)

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