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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tagged - part 1

first tag by my very lovely junior-suet suet.Now only reply her tagged.Siting for her Sijil Paling Mudah xD Anyway,good luck ya suet~ =)


1. addicted to music (seldom gt ppl as addicted as me<
2. friendly (my fren even say scare to go out with me cause always say HI to ppl )
3. laugh easily ...(sot plug?)
4. cry easily... (i knew my weakness)
5. can sleep 1 out of 24 hour (crazy d) to kacau kacau friends (can even make them laugh till crazy)
7. talkative (always talk non-stop)
8. love to eat chocolate!!(but will not fat cause of choco)
9. love to dream those impossible dreams (can anyone wake me up?)
10.hate betrayerssssssss (got few experience before >.<)
11. takut those disgusting insect like cockroach & rat (i know im penakut la...sorry lop xp)
12. miss my secondary school life (miss all my teachers too)
13. im short T.T
14. like to smile =)
15. love to travel (but no $$)

P/S : will tag people after all my taggie x)

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