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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

deeparaya events

the one and onli one photo with him-alvin a.k.a steph's husband.

with JH again

with him again.eugene

become half ah ne ne today..xD

ley gle and ya ^.^

susan,boon and me

Chao again

with elaine again in the events

with chao

with JH

with may jean

with 2nd dar dar-susan

with my dar dar-stephanie

our 1st photo although we knew each other for long long time d.with eugene

With ley gle again ^.^

with aishah.the nice malay girl i met in this college =)

me,kenny,elaine and susan

im forcing to take photo with him again...haha

with kenny chew again during the events

boon & me

susan,boon,jessy,elaine and ley gle before rehearsal

whole gang before rehearsal

u wan to FIGHT?!?!?!?
with louie

with elaine and ley gle

with elaine

with Kenny chew during the rehearsal

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