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Thursday, March 12, 2009

the result

STPM and SPM result were released on 10th march and today respectively!

Taniah kepada those who got the result you want =)
and "takziah" kepada those who got bad result =(

Today,back to Perimbun for taking my result too,not for this year but is for last year ^.^
Some of my juniors there kena tipu by me and even my friends xD

Im taking SPM certificate actually,which every SPM candidates should take it after one or two years after they sat their exam.
So don't forget to take your certificate year after this wor,in fact that some of my friends don't know about the certificate at all >.<

call up my kai sai lou during my break time in the college for asking his result.He is the person who always play play har but hope to get good result actually,when i call him...

Victor : " Halo ar jie~" (sound like so welcome to my call) =.=
I : " How's your result a? all pass or all fail? >.<
Victor : " fail add math lorr..."
I : " Then the rest leh?"
Victor : " I got one red apple.hehe"
I : " Har???got red apple a?what subject you got red apple?
Victor : " Science loo A1 leh."
I : " Huh?A1 somemore a?(aku memang let him zha dou speechless lor) >.< then how many green apple you got?
Victor : " I got 2 green apple.eng and math. (math pun boleh dapat green apple.swt)
I : " How about spoilt apple?
Victor : " spoilt wan got alot ohh" >.<

Anyway,congratulation to him for getting unexpected result xD
and to my sister for her STPM result.
She got 2A and all B in STPM,grade 3.75 woh....
i wonder can i get that result?
if i go form 6 for sure mommy giving so much of pressure de >.<

1 comment:

Melissa said...

then u take edi ar? now still can take boh? i reli dunno wor...keke

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