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Friday, March 6, 2009

then very "good" service

Today the bus driver is kinda weird in his reaction.

When i get up to the bus after my class,something weird happened.....

Weird 1 : There is not ever pack in the bus but he don't stop in certain station to take passenger

Weird 2 : The bus driver like so rush in time.He didn't allow the passenger to get down fully only he close the back door,until the passenger get hurt to the door.

Weird 3 : The passenger is far from the front door actually,but he opens the front door and wants the passenger get down from the fronts door.(the back door is functional)Once the passenger did not get down at the front door and he are just stop at the station and wait.

Weird 4 : The passenger wanted to get down at the station and she did press the ring,but the bus driver stop at the place which far to the station a while and he didn't stop at the station to let the passenger get down.

However,i don't regret to choose this bus i get up although..
~there is a bus which can travel me to my station straight at pasar seni but i didn't take
~i need to change to another bus at leisure mall
~i'm home quite late today

but,when i get up to my bus at leisure mall station,i met a girl again which i didn't see her for 7 years.She is Jia Min-my primary school classmate when i was in SRJK (C) Chin Woo.
She recognise me finally laa.....haiyo,did i change alot? >.< We chat alot in the way back to my station.We talk some about the dead fish...haha.We talked about our classmate...
miss them alot... >.<"

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