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Sunday, March 22, 2009

telur ayam=huey "chit tan"

The total 8 years of our friendship.
since standard 5 i knew her,
she look like a tom boy.
until now...
she became a pretty girl.

~deng deng deng deng~
somebody did say we are sisters wor..
look alike?comment abit...

and the 15th of march,
we will never forget this special day of her
as a friend of her mah.


On that day,we had dinner after my work and i headed to leisure mall to meet with zi wei quickly
many thanks to my driver on that day-zi wei =)
then everyone gather at the mines there and we go dinner together
the people who going was...
~Shi Chee
~Zi Wei
~Seow Iuan
~Seow Iang
~sao sing pol Chit Huey
~Lai Mui
~Pitt Kuan
~Daniel and

Everyone are from Perimbun except for jason who from bandar baru sungai long i think.
We went for Steamboat buffet at serdang.This place were suggested by me.
Onli 21bucks per person and you can eat whatever you want and how many you want.
but don't try to waste the food otherwise they will charge more to you >.<

Unfortunately i have to go back earlier and same as zi wei too
so we only enjoyed until 9something.
but we had fun with all of them.miss them very much much >.<

happy birthday to eu~
blew candles
cut birthday cake
pick up the candle from the cake by mouth
group photo
from left:zi wei,lai mui,seow iuan,me,chit huey,seow iang,pitt kuan,jason and daniel
zi wei,me and chit hueythe perimbun girl zi wei,me,kuan,lai mui iang and huey

chit hueyzi wei and seow iuan
with iang iangwith pitt kuan
girls group photo before we leave
and the last photo with two of them that day
daniel and jason

im gonna moss them much again.. >.<
next birthday will be the iuan iang's (the twins)

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