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Thursday, March 19, 2009

outing and shopping


Since the outing during valentine's day with him,i have never go movie for a month.These might be explained by the so close time with study,furthermore most of my friends have watched all the movie. *watched 2movies in a week,geng mou?? >.<
Due to the free day i have in this week,finally i found someone is willing to watch movie with me.
The movie i wanted to watch for very long time jor.

love matters. =)

This movie doesn't funny as what I expected,but anyway it is kinda nice ohh.Alot of morale value should learned by us especially for the guy???
You guys should learn it.faham tak?xD
For those who "lc" me that they watched this,i can tell you now.
I watched this too!
nenene~ ^.^

By the way,yesterday going movie with Jonathan at leisure mall.The friends who i din see for one year more.Message up him at 12o clock see whether isit he is ready to go out.Who knows,he is still in the sleeping mood =.= since i have reserved the ticket and the movie started at 1 o clock,so i go buy tickets first and finally he appeared in leisure mall at 1.30+ =.=

Headed to time square after the movie for attending lunch with kok wei actually,but ffk suddenly >.< but he promised will treat me next week.hahahaha xD
Stay in time square for shopping!
Didn't go shopping for super duple looooong time
I am not going to shop for clothes...
but i going to shop for foods...hehe
there is a fair which had by cold storage
and their is lotsa junk foods for me to shop...
but i onli bought some
in case that i didn't bring much money out on that day >.<

the food i shop for that day.
i bought few la but all the same.
im not that crazy in shopping okkkay?

Back home at 5 o clock and next round....
Connaught pasar malam.
Waiting for zi wei to come and fetch me at 11.30.
and we headed to night market.hehe
both of us has the same hobby which is only shop for food ^.^
we hunt for food that night.
after the food hunting and the chit chat with frens at there
we ready to back home at 12++
and i am home at 1 o clock.

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