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Saturday, March 7, 2009

yummy breakfast ^.^

awoke very early today just for making breakfast for me and one extra for Yoke San

in facts that she didn't have her breakfast always just because of the lotsa customer in old town.


but most of it was she don't want to have breakfast herself and oldtown did provide breakfast for the staff who take morning shift xD

This is her breakfast which made by me.Let's just see what is inside there ^.^

1st layer-bread.
2nd layer-egg

3rd layer-a piece of ham

last layer-bread....^.^

and this is mine

1st layer-bread
2nd layer-ham

3rd layer-egg

4th layer-ham again ^.^

and the last layer-bread

anyway,she did not get food poisoning after she have her breakfast by me... xD

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