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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I am sure today will be the most tired day in my overall holiday i having >.< Well,today i went to sunway lagoon with 4of my friends-Pitt Kuan,Tat Seng ,Kok Wei and two of others -yuen chia and his friend will join us later.

Our driver-Tat Seng picked us at 9.30 in the morning (kononnya will pick us at 9o clock sharp =.=)and we have our breakfast.

Arrived there at 11 o'clock,call yuen chia.Guess they reached there earlier than us who knows

tat seng:where are you?We reached there ohh...
yuen chia:i still at home all go enjoy 1st laa.i think i'll be reaching there at 12 o 1 like tat.
tat seng:har?how you find us later ohh?
yuen chia:i got my way to find u guys de laa.. (he thought sunway were small as a shop?!?)
tat seng:ok lor.....

So we have fun at sunway lagoon first =) About 3 o'clock,we waiting for playing the games,the two guys appeared in front of us finally,and the reason he they late is
yuen chia DAKEI at home!!!!
what ?????people waited them long long there and he dakei at home?!zzzz some more say wanted to help us pay for the entrance (u think he will pay all really?it is FOC wan)About 8 something everyone were sooo tired so we decided to ciao earlier.
P/S:all photo at sunway will be uploading soon.

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