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Friday, December 5, 2008

it's over!!!

At last paper based exam is over!!!the last semester i've been in this year.Finally.Well,today pitt kuan came to fetch me at 1.30p.m.Reached there,UCSI was big is under our expectation.But guess what?We are almost lost there.The docket mention that our exam hall is in hall 1,but try to imagine how many hall 1 does a big university have?I don't know xD . But we are clever,we asked the people there.hahahaha.

Found the exam hall finally.Saw many CAT and ACCA candidates were sitting outside the corridor and then?Do revision lor.Sitting in the exam hall,the horrible problem came-my hands keep shaking and my hand writing like...omg. =x 3out of 5 questions i did,but probably 40 marks not in my hands. >.<

Next,will be planing my time after the exam...hehehehe.the 1st planing will be the trip to anson and pulau pangkor with xiao yen and our CAT gang....yeah!!!kinda expecting this trip although my hometown was over there,as well as having fun with my friends... =)

Problem - how's the exam???3 alphabet to describe - D I E !!!!

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